April 1, 2006

English cricket

Get your own Warne. Don't copy ours


Terry Jenner, Shane Warne's mentor, has attacked England's attitude to spinners following an unveiling of the ECB's latest technological gizmo: Virtual Warney. England have used a machine which replicates leg-breaks and an assortment of other deliveries called Merlin in the past, most notably during the Ashes last year as a theory to counter the threat of Warne. The new machine, to be known as the Virtual Warney, is far superior and can replicate different types of bowling.

Jenner, though, is utterly unconvinced:

"I'd suggest England should save their money and put it into junior development," Jenner said. "I bet it can't do Shane's deliveries in the same sequences as he does them. It's impossible. You've got to read the ball from the hand. Merlyn didn't have a hand and I doubt this one does.

"If Shane bowls against England like he bowled at the end of the second Test against South Africa, it won't matter how many machines they've looked at. The pressure gets to you. That was vintage Shane against South Africa. If you can't get off strike, he's gonna getcha."

There's more on this at the Sydney Morning Herald


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