World Cup 2007 March 5, 2007

Road to Jamaica 4: Q&A with Bob Woolmer

On the eve of Pakistan's first warm-up match, I put a few questions to Bob

On the eve of Pakistan's first warm-up match, I put a few questions to Bob. Here are his answers:

Question 1: Do you possess enough match-winning bowlers?

Bob's answer: Depending on the surfaces we have a well balanced attack. If they bowl as a unit we will be competitive. This world cup may well revolve around the batting performances - bowling in one day cricket now is more dependent on the disciplines they follow.

Q2: The view from the boundary, and the living room, is that Inzy's captaincy style is too laid back. Is that true? Is he capable of great leadership?

Bob: There are two answers to this question. His captaincy is fine for one-day cricket. I expect him to lead from the front.

Q3: Where will he bat?

Bob: That is for us to know and for the pundits and the opposition to find out.

Q4: The opening batsmen remain under pressure. Will you be trying any new strategies?

Bob: Opening batsmen in all teams are under pressure. Ours more so because of the tendency for all Pakistani pundits to believe they can do better.

Q5: Who is your finisher?

Bob: The batsmen in at the time. All players are aware that they have to take responsibility for finishing an innings. Malik at 6 is most likely to be there at the end if all goes well.

Q6: Can your legspinners win you the World Cup?

Bob: I personally wouldn't want to put them under any pressure to do so. A lot will depend on the type of surfaces we are playing on. Cricket remains a team game where we hope all players will contribute to winning.

Q7: How do you expect the pitches to play? Will they suit Pakistan?

Bob: This is the unknown factor, of the two practice pitches we have had they have both turned appreciably.

Q8: Who do you see as Pakistan's main threats?

Bob: All teams must be respected and each game must be taken one at a time. All sides are good enough to beat each other on the day.

Q9: Which players will you be asking to stand up and lead by example?

Bob: I expect all players to lead by example throughout the tournament.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here