World Cup 2007 March 8, 2007

Road to Jamaica 5: New strategy, new hope?

Despite Bob Woolmer's stonewalling of my piercing questions earlier this week we now have a good idea of what Pakistan's new strategy will be

Despite Bob Woolmer's stonewalling of my piercing questions earlier this week - I know you all thought the interview was tremendous really - we now have a good idea of what Pakistan's new strategy will be.

Younis Khan will try and enforce some stability at the top of the innings while young Mr Nazir attempts to unleash hell. Mohammad Yousuf and Inzamam will move up one position to number three and four, the premier batting slots, and Shoaib Malik will be left to marshall the lower order or then again Mohammad Hafeez might.

It is too early to call this a winning strategy. But when your old system isn't working, a reasonable approach is to try something completely different. On that basis Pakistan's new batting order is worth persevering with. It also gives Pakistan's best batsmen, Yousuf, Inzamam, and Younis, the maximum opportunity to influence the match.

Furthermore, Hafeez and Malik, who can both be leaden footed when the ball moves around early in an innings, might be more comfortable lower down the order.

Kamran Akmal will take one of the next two batting slots, but the complication arises when considering which combination of bowling all-rounders and bowlers to go for. One of those slots would go to Afridi, in my view. Potentially, though, Pakistan can bat right down to 9, even number 11 if the mood takes them.

The first indication is that the wickets might indeed be to Pakistan's liking but the warm up against South Africa will give us a better idea if this is a strategy with legs. It has had a mixed start but one that offers hope.

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  • testli5504537 on March 15, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    team of 92 vs team of 2007 Now pakistani fans are saying we had same kind of team in 92 worldcup and we can win this worldcup too.

    but they are forgetting one thing on 1992 worlducp pak batting lineup was very very long.

    there was only two tailenders that team those were Mushtan ahmed who can easily hit sixes as well and last man was aqib javed only one poor tail ender. but now we have half team with tailender worst than aqib javaid.

    these tailender is worst tailenders in the world cricket.

    these all are laughable for batting.

    Danish keneria,Umer gull ,Rao, Rana and Sami

  • testli5504537 on March 14, 2007, 21:50 GMT

    pakistan is going to win the world

  • testli5504537 on March 12, 2007, 17:55 GMT

    I think Inzy would like to retire from captaincy before he gets hated by all the fans in Pak. Also Mohommed yousef should a least average 35 for Pak to have hope in winning the world cup.

  • testli5504537 on March 12, 2007, 11:53 GMT

    what is the result of playing so many number of oppners over the last four years.yasir hamid would be better choice than imran nazir.pakistan need a solid start.afridi is already there for some quick runs in the power play overs.

  • testli5504537 on March 12, 2007, 6:35 GMT

    Statics dhows that pakistan in last couple of years didnt win more than 2 matches in a row lets see how Pakistan could win 8 out of 11 matches and at least semi and final in a row. This is statics but wat would be the reality lets see

  • testli5504537 on March 12, 2007, 4:12 GMT

    In response to A Kamran at March 11, 2007 :

    No offence, but the stuff u write is hardly understandable.The words u use, i have never heard them in my entire life. I mean isnt writing Blogs, is about a lay man voicing his opinion in simple words. Can't we even raise our voice,without being ultra diplomatic. I seriously need to brush up my vocabulary skills lol

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2007, 18:34 GMT

    I bet any opposition in the world would love to face RANA as bowler..i think he look like a coach rather than a bowler ..i dont know why PCB is not givng chance to other tlents..i have read almost every posts ..almost 95% bloggers feel tht rana shuld be given rest..Sami is nt a great bowler but he should be given chance becos WC is pressure game and there speed matters alot. finally i hope Bob and inzy will realize this and take corrective action.. i think its gud move to bring yunus khan as opener atleast he can play long of luck inzy

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2007, 15:11 GMT


    A million dollar ( or say a Rs. 10,000,000.00 ) question. What do you buy with a Rs. 10,000,000.00 contract? Answer, an ageing Trojan horse. The Trojan ploy against their nemesis Spartans was a stroke of genius. They won. The ".....are my personal favorites" (in)fame blue hair's comments are a clownish attempt at,.... something. All this ill timed, ill advised and down right unprofessional statement proves is that his I.Q. is smaller than even his own small shoe size. This statement is wrong, morale killing, and degrading to Team Pakistan and their aspirations. This statement alone is raison de'tat enough to fire him on the spot and let him participate in the World Cup opening ceremonies with his beloved team. No doubt Team Pakistan did not fare well in his beloved land of dreams.

    As an after thought, he would make a fantastic candidate for a libel suit by the concerned ( if indeed any body is concerned ) Pakistani cricket authorities. It would be a fiasco to dwarf O.J. Simpsons' circus. Entertainment! Yeehaw!!

    The pun in your article notwithstanding, the person in question was not so "diplomatic" in describing the "strengths" and "plans" of his beloved team. Shame on him. A classical case of a two faced, speaking from both sides of his mouth money grubber.

    My my two bits' worth is still a happy candidate for the bin if deemed too incindiary.

    A Kamran.

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    Come on islamicricket. First of all there is no islamic or unislamic cricket. A game is a game and please do not make this blog a place for talking religious politics.

    And secondly please grow up with your thinking. Bob's comments are just of an intelligent person as even your captain has favored the springboks. The morale of the team is high as long as we stop posting the negative comments.

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2007, 14:39 GMT

    well to be honest wat i know is dat its jus too hard to predict wats actually gona happen coz u never know n as long as our bowling is concerned thing i cant understand y dun dey jus get rid of rana naved coz its ben a while DAT weneva i c him he is bein banged by da opposition JUS GET RID OF HIM! only thing which i blv to b gud in our team dis world is dat dey APPARENTLY i repeat APPARENTLY bit united dis tym hmmmmmm.. and also i wanted to add WATS DA POINT OF HIRIN MUSHTAQ AHMED AGAIN?????????????? i jus simply cannot understand Y,is it just to help DANISH KANERIA?? ONLY ONE BOWLER??? which he duzan even need help i reckon he is a god gifted natural bowler,shud have had WAQAR YOUNUS whu had to quit coz of da boards bad behaviour(nassem ashrafs). GOD KNOWS WATS GOIN ON HUH inshllah pakistan wud do GUD INSHALLAH. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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