November 4, 2007

English cricket

English cricket's dysfunctional management


Simon Wilde analyses what the much-publicised extracts from Duncan Fletcher's autobiography mean. Writing in the Sunday Times, he says that the most significant aspect of the book is "the picture it paints of dysfunctional management at the apex of English cricket."

True, the consequences of the investment of too much power in Fletcher were being felt, but elsewhere mistakes were made left, right and centre by senior figures seemingly more interested in leaking information to the press and minding their own backs than working for the good of the collective cause.

Back in 2005 it seemed England had created the best-run professional cricket system in the world. Even the Australians were asking for advice. But it seems England just got lucky, with a good set of players on a run free of injury.

Wilde also feels that Fletcher's failure to punish Andrew Flintoff was a sign of the coach not having enough control over the team towards the end of his reign.


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