February 12, 2008


School cricket on the rise in Mexico

Will Luke

On a beautiful sunny day under blue skies, a group of around 40 enthusiastic youngsters from four different schools in and around Mexico City got together at the Reforma Athletic Club for the sixth time in two years to play inter-schools cricket. This initiative, promoted by the Mexican Cricket Association as part of a development plan aimed at getting Mexicans involved in cricket at grass roots level, has been enormously successful in these early stages.

The standard of cricket has risen dramatically since the first event was held and some genuine talent is beginning to appear and develop. Perhaps more importantly, all of the boys and girls who have participated have shown a level of enthusiasm and a respect for the spirit of the game that would be an example to many seasoned players - no questioning of decisions, high levels of sportsmanship and excellent relationships between the teams have been characteristics of the tournaments played so far.

There is definitely a sensation that this is the beginning of something significant. Credit must be given to the teachers, parents and members of the MCA who have supported this program. There is a real possibility of Mexico being able to field a team of Mexicans in the not too distant future.

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Posted by Dan on (February 16, 2008, 19:00 GMT)

Nice to hear that young kids are highly interested in this game. This is where ICC should concentrate and work on. Building an interest from the grass root would only give a hope of making cricket successful in a non-cricket nation. Seems like Mexico has taken their initial step, but by looking at other associates, it would take them really really long to mark their presence in the cricketing world, that if they really ever become interested. At least there's some hope through these school tournaments.

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