February 26, 2008


California runs USA's first inter-school competition

Martin Williamson

The California Cricket Academy will run the USA’s first inter-school championship among Cupertino middle schools starting on February 27. In the first round there will be three middle schools but the organisers expect more middle and elementary schools to join the program in coming months. CCA launched school program last year by distributing cricket instruction material and cricket kits to about eight schools in Cupertino and neighboring schools. CCA graduates took up the challenge to start clubs in their respective schools and as a result now they are ready to start school championship program. The first phase of the program will be with hard tennis balls, but regular cricket equipment will be introduced in the second phase.

Visit www.calcricket.org to review Cupertino Interschool program details and results as they become available.


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Posted by Shan Jurangpathy on (April 6, 2008, 6:27 GMT)

Living in Australia and reading the West Australian papers this morning I was thrilled to read that cricket is being introduced in schools.In 1986 as a foreign student studying in the US(San Francisco)I had the opportunity of playing cricket for Cavaliers Cricket Club and captaining the club later.During that time cricket was played by the expats.Coming from Sri Lanka cricket was always in the blood...was cricket competitive during that times..yes it was..we had our own league comprising of about 9 teams..its was played in great spirit.Standard of cricket amoung us was very high.Some of the players who played with me during that time were :Sujeewa Pathiratne/Ken Serpanchy/Desmond Serpanchy/Dammika Perera ( cricketers of high repute having represented their alma mater in Sri Lanka ).It is important that you get the basics right at the begininig...bring in good coaching staff's from around the world..living in Australia we have qualified coaches...promote scholarships..All the best

Posted by Ali on (March 24, 2008, 1:41 GMT)

U.S.A was one of the first Nations to play cricket, its kind of sad there aren't many local Americans(apart from people with Asian & West Indian origin) into the game. America is a developed Nation & it shouldn't be difficult to raise money, facilities & resources as Cricket is a beautiful game & many Nations should get into the game more. Cricket is a testing game more so then most Sports around the World, i honestly believe with commitment, dedication and teaching the game at grass roots level making it compulsory America can be a force in Cricket sooner rather then later.

Posted by Naveed khattak on (March 10, 2008, 17:18 GMT)

Person jr high school was first public school of New York city in united states to run cricket tournament through out every summer and so was Jamaica high school also located in New York city

Posted by Gangster Rap on (March 3, 2008, 16:17 GMT)

This is a great achievement for CA cricket as well as USA cricket. It will definitely help cricket in growing further in this country. Congratulations CCA!

Posted by Harcourt .Bourne on (February 28, 2008, 1:49 GMT)

It is good to see cricket starting in schools our softball (Brooklyn Softball Association)in N.Y.are hoping to start it in schools here in New York ,we play with tennis balls as well but some special tennis balls from May-October 25 years of competition good luck .

Posted by timmyj51 on (February 27, 2008, 20:01 GMT)

We've had a number of attempts to organize cricket in California schools without much success (remember the old USA Junior Cricket program run by Malcolm Nash?). Will have to see how this turns out. Took a look at the rules and can see some problems. First, the games are 15 overs, which means some players at the bottom of the order may not get a chance to bat. Will the bowling be overhand? If so, will be difficult for novices and will make batting difficult for novices. Hope there'll be some American kids.

Posted by Adam Scholem on (February 27, 2008, 17:15 GMT)

Congratulations to the CCA for getthing this program off the ground. It's a pleasure to see organizations promoting cricket at the grass-roots level by putting gear in the hands of children and letting them play.

Keep up the good work!

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