May 23, 2008


Rock attack causes abandonment

Martin Williamson

Violence caused a club match in the Bahamas to be cancelled after rocks were thrown by the members of one side into an area of the pavilion occupied by their opponents.

The incident occurred in a game between St. Agnes and Castrol Commonwealth when the Bahama Journal reported that “players from Castrol Commonwealth were forced to run for cover as the unwarranted attack resulted in rocks being thrown and one player and a fan being injured. The players from St. Agnes who initiated the violence hurled stones on the porch of the shaded area where players, fans and officials were seated. Fortunately no further injuries were sustained.”

At the time of the attack Castrol Commonwealth were 104 for 1 in reply to St. Agnes’ 315.


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Posted by Dan on (July 3, 2008, 18:49 GMT)

It's all good to say discipline St. Agnes. However, although I am appaled by such a deplorable act of violence by these players , it would be more appropiate to discipline the players who were involved. There are rules and regulations that govern the playing of cricket in the Bahamas and I am certain that the guilty players will be punished accordingly.

Posted by Robin on (June 15, 2008, 3:32 GMT)

This is not the first incident involving St. Agnes CC. They are the most indiscipline team in the Nassau league. For a church base team, their behavior and lack of friendly conduct on the field leave alot to be desired.Commonwealth has bear the brunt of verbal attacks over the years, been seen as a foreign team.Commonwealth however has survived intact over the years, while some of the more prominent teams has either disolved or merge together. All together the Nassau league and teams are well behaved and it was a pleasure to play there. I hope the BCA will take a stand and discipling St. Agnes. The BCA has made great progress, however if they want to progress from ICC affilate to associate status, this sort of behavior cannot be tolerated. Long live Commonwealth CC.Play hard, but play fair. its just a game. Robin P. Former Commonwealth Player/Capt. 95-2001

Posted by Theo Cuffy on (May 28, 2008, 16:47 GMT)

This is the incident that I mentioned...see where it ended up...on Cricinfo. They don't understand how far news can travel. Hope all is well. I am in Charlotte NC for the rest of the week doing some work..back in Nassau on Sat evening.

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