Politics June 25, 2008

Asia must choose morals over race

Asia must show its leadership can be based on values, and this is the easiest test of leadership it could face

Zimbabwe has always enjoyed the support of Asian cricket boards. I have also argued in the past that cricket links should be maintained despite Robert Mugabe's regime. But the Zimbabwe political crisis is at a point which makes the decision a clear one for cricket boards in all countries. England were among the most likely to pursue a boycott but the South African decision - as well as statements from political leaders in South Africa - is the most significant turning point.

The political situation in Zimbabwe and the actions of the other cricket boards should be a sufficient steer for Asia's cricket administrators. This is not a time to play out a race game in the ICC or worry about accusations of hypocrisy. Asia, and in particular India, must show that its aspirations to lead international cricket into a new world are propped up by substance. And this substance is not one of populations or finances. It is the substance of integrity and morals.

Asia must show its leadership can be based on values, and this is the easiest test of leadership it could face.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • testli5504537 on August 14, 2008, 4:09 GMT

    I hope India decides to take a strong stand when it comes to getting cricket into the 2012 Olympics.At Cricket2012Games.com we believe this is where it's in India,and other South Asian countries,interests to determine what happens with cricket,and the Olympics."Sports" played in the Olympics are European-biased - here is where India needs to take a stand.

  • testli5504537 on July 14, 2008, 18:06 GMT

    You will see in future ban drugs scandals will a lot happen in IPL. The best thing to avoid these things, PCB should ban all their players for IPL. Asif gone I am very happy, but I have feelings it could happen frequently to new Pakistani start fast bowlers like new Wasim Akram (Muhammad Aamer) in future. I am not saying BCCI could involve in these things, but in all subcontinent countries except Sri Lanka these things will happen so often against good players in future in tournaments like IPL, PPL(Pak premium league), BPL(BD premium league), Etc. only SPL is the safe for players of all countries. There are so many bad and match fixer mafias in these countries who can use girls to put some ban drugs mixed with sweet in your can of soda, glass of juice or more easy to mix things in glass of beer and wine. Mark my words u will see these things so frequently in future IPLs. So my advice to Pakistani players is, be careful during IPL.

  • testli5504537 on July 10, 2008, 8:36 GMT

    The way that ind and bang were defeated by Pak proves that Nasir Jamshed deserves a place in the team.remember that he didn't get out in those 2 innings.After years of searching I think Pakistan have found an excelling opening pair.Of course,2 innings doesn't really make a difference but we have the NZ series in AUG.Younis Khan in excellent form, Yousuf is a person who never loses his form or finds it back fast even if he manages to lose it. Abdur Rauf.also good enough.although needs some training for death Overs.Wahab Riaz, shouldn't be in Pak side, not yet.And don't forget Gul and Sohail Khan, they're not out of the team..just injuries.There are 2 huge questions..Kamran or Sarfraz and Afridi or not?? Afridi..well, if you think of him as a bowler rather than an all rounder,that would prove much better.that i'll leave it up to you guys to decide.Sarfraz would be preffered because Keeping is more imp. than batting.kamran lacks keeping skills.SB, NJ, YK, MY, SM, M-U-H, ST, SA, AR, UG, MA.

  • testli5504537 on July 8, 2008, 9:31 GMT

    Where does Sri Lanka get these bowlers???

    First it was Serpent Murali (or the spitting cobra), then Whiplash Malinga, and now its Carom Mendis! Someone forgot to tell this chap that this is not taped tennis ball cricket! What next? a bowler who runs in backwards and bowls while facing long-off? or someone who bowls from between his legs?

    Just kidding above. I think it's great for cricket, keeps the game fresh. In a batsman- dominated game it's good to see bowlers like Mendis, Malinga and Tanvir (of course) doing things differently.

  • testli5504537 on July 8, 2008, 6:25 GMT

    And here comes the revelation of the week...by Indian skipper and now resting on the sidelines still concussed from the mendis-bruising, MS Dhoni revealed yesterday that "we could not pick Mendis!" lol. Sure it did not look the other way round, watching the brilliantly-bungled run-chase in progress. I believe Indians missed a trick by playing just 7 specialist batsmen - they should have played at least 9 and seen how Mendis can still go through them like a combine harvester ;) Talking of Pak thrashing India and Bangladesh in the last two matches, Nasir seems a welcome addition to the ranks and Rauf with his height and accuracy still has three or four years of solid cricket left in him. Anyhow, let's wish dithering India all the best on their forthcoming tour to SL as prospects look rather bleak for them now and it won't surprise a jot if the guy with a permanently-modified tennis elbow stays away from the scene for touch longer given the appearance of Mendis in the opposition ranks..

  • testli5504537 on July 8, 2008, 5:54 GMT

    It's rather funny how apt and swift been the humbling of some Indian fans here who started their regular chants of "Number 2 team" (whatever that means!)....a royal spanking from Nasir, YK (that Indian-basher again!), and Misbah and then the humiliation of losing the Final so comprehensively. That just serves as a stark reminder to the Indian fans of how inconsistent their team is. A word about Yuvraj Singh - surely showed some grace how he fielded arms to tre-mendis! 24-odd finals since '99 and just 2 wins - goes to show too who are the true "Chokers" of international cricket. :p Playing 7 specialist batsmen and made to look like bamboozled school kids by a rookie must have hurt Indian cricket ego big time.

  • testli5504537 on July 7, 2008, 14:49 GMT

    As captain of the team I feel its my responsibility to denounce anything and everything immoral and unethical. If Zimbabwe has been isolated by the world to mend their ways, then why should ICC be a platform to provide them with money? Lets not forget ICC makes its money from gatemoney on matches as well. So next time you go to a cricket match, beware that a portion of that ticket cost would go to Mugabe. I am sure that is an uneasy feeling for us all. However because our chairman is busy politicising every single issue, he has once again played into India's hands. Once again he has denied PCB to grow out of India's shadow. Lets not forget, all these Asian countries are top corrupt countries in the world. Asking them to take a moral stand is pointless. Maybe a new Chairman with better leadership qualities might do the trick. But that possibility seems remote since everyone at the top is making merry. Regards Shoaib Malik

  • testli5504537 on July 5, 2008, 1:28 GMT

    Lol! A minnow defeated the strongest team by eight wickets and 6 overs to spare. Do not write Pak off, still lot of cricket is left. A strong, creative captain and with top fitness of palyers, Pak can once again be among the top three.

  • testli5504537 on July 4, 2008, 16:07 GMT

    Wow! Pakistani team! great game against Bangladesh! Kill these minnows they deserve it! Only play on Pakistani pitches that's a sure recipe to success no matter how short lived it is.

    A captain who has a heart that of a rate even in front of his home crowd and home pitches. Couldn't face a stiffer challenge and stayed away from a competition that in my estimation will see the rise of a new captain. All our batting dilemmas seem to have disappeared with Salman and Younis firing but I hold my breath when they face quality bowling and foreign pitches. Again to me it is not about winning the competition or a match but the manner in which you loose it or win it. Infusion of the young blood has paid off it was a nice stage for both Rauf and Nasir but donot forget Fawad Alam and please lets plan as many away tours as possible to give these young guys exposure to the real world cricket.

  • testli5504537 on July 4, 2008, 7:16 GMT

    Dear Kamran, pls pls pls write something about PCB preventing Sohail going to Hampshire. This would have polished his skills further. At the same time a Pakistani player would have been represented in UK and perhaps boosted Pakistan’s declining image that Pakistan only produce radicals and fundamentalists.

    PCB also prevented Majid heading ICC cricket committee. Personal grudges of DNA towards others will leave Pakistan totally isolated from ICC.

    Pls pls write something on this topic.

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