January 22, 2009

Pollock hopes to swap greentops for putting greens

What does an allrounder do after he retires

What does an allrounder do after he retires? Tries for a career in golf. It was something Kapil Dev thought about and Shaun Pollock, who stood down last year after a decorated career, is considering the move by entering some amateur tournaments in South Africa.

“Having been a professional sportsman for all those years, you have those competitive juices in you and they are not going to vanish overnight, so you need an outlet,” Pollock told the Courier-Mail. “I have always enjoyed my golf and I think that’s where I can put all my competitive energy at the moment.”

Pollock’s handicap is now down to one and he is no longer held back by long tours affecting his form and focus. However, he will also spend some time over the next month playing beach cricket in Australia.

Peter English is former Australasia editor of ESPNcricinfo