Australian cricket January 25, 2009

Greybeard Matthews upstages Jaques

Greg Matthews, the former Test offspinner, talks a great game – and still bowls one. In the lead-up to Phil Jaques’ return from back surgery, Matthews, 49, let the Test opener know he would be in for a tough time during Sutherland’s first grade match against Sydney University.

“Phil is a great batsman," Matthews said. "I'll give him an hour to get a feel for things, but that's it. If Stuart Clark or Mitch Cook don't roll him, hopefully the old man can come on and get lucky."

Matthews didn’t give Jaques a chance to get his eye in. After one over from Clark late in the day, Matthews arrived and had Jaques lbw with his first ball, which he said was a skidder.

Did Matthews, who now has a grey beard and round figure, feel sorry for Jaques? "Not for one millisecond do I feel anything other than elation,'' Matthews said in the Sunday Telegraph. "Phil is going to play 50 more Tests. He's got it all in front of him.”

Peter English is former Australasia editor of ESPNcricinfo