Australian cricket February 3, 2009

Warne snaps at snapper

ESPNcricinfo staff

Two years after his retirement from Test cricket and Shane Warne's celebrity shows no signs of abating. In fact, he still rivals A-list celebrities the world over. The former Australian legspinner, amid growing speculation of another reunion with ex-wife Simone, has asked the police to get rid of that famous celebrity parasite: the paparazzi photographer.

The Herald Sun reported that Warne has lodged a complaint against Jamie Fawcett, a famous celeb snapper who's been involved in a harassment row with Nicole Kidman previously. Warne was apparently angered by photos taken of his three children - Brooke, Jackson and Summer - during a recent family day out on the beach. The photos subsequently appeared in a women's magazine.

Warne confronted the photographer recently as well. "He did say to me at one stage that he'd rung the police and knew all about me," Fawcett said. "But I'm very careful about how I follow celebrities these days. Whilst I and my colleagues do a lot of work in relation to Shane Warne, we keep it all very low-key. In fact, I could almost say that on 95% of occasions he actually wouldn't know we were there.

"I don't badger celebs." Of course not. Warne is just an ordinary leggie.

Mathew Varghese is sub-editor (stats) at Cricinfo