April 21, 2009


Qualification doesn't stop Kenya's media crusade

Martin Williamson

Again Kenya's Standard, through its sports editor, can’t help but sing to the tune of those who oppose Cricket Kenya, using the team’s qualification for the next World Cup as another attack on the executive. While Omulo Okoth does acknowledge that the old days were not quite as rosy as the Nation often likes to claim, he can’t but help himself when it comes to the current board.

The present administration took over a shell, which had to change its name to legally circumvent crippling debts. But they were so pre-occupied with feathering their own nests, protecting its turf, and were desirous to settle scores, forgetting that there were quite a few good, honest, industrious and resourceful people among the old folks whose expertise should have been brought to bear on the new administration’s agenda for the sport.

And he ends with what appears to be little more than a warning.

Like guerrilla fighters, the old folk went underground and are almost unleashing a coup against CK. I submit that this effort had better be channelled towards consolidating reconstruction of cricket to help our players and posterity.

You have to wonder who he could be talking about?


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Posted by fan_dango@ess.com on (May 5, 2009, 14:21 GMT)

As balanced as Ghai trying to walk on a tightrope. It's clear that the media is less than biased when dealing with the fat man and this is the most obvious example of their oneeyed approach to anything Ghai.

Posted by colin macbeth on (April 25, 2009, 11:03 GMT)

I thought Omulo's piece was very balanced. CK is not perfect, and sometimes difficult things need to be said. Could it possibly be that this blog source has itself a vendetta against the press - which tends to see the bigger picture not just the sometimes narrow cricket one. 'Toppy'.

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