Indian Premier League April 24, 2009

Balance key for IPL success


In the Indian Express, Harsha Bhogle picks Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians as the sides to beat, and says Kings XI Punjab are the squad which are struggling the most. He also says that the weakness of the Bangalore Royal Challengers is that they don't have enough quality domestic players.

Bangalore have already tried Akhil, Vinay Kumar, Karan Sharma and Rajesh Bishnoi, and are nowhere near filling their last two Indian spots. And a look through their squad doesn’t throw up much either, unless they look at Sreevats Goswami, who kept well and batted with gusto last year. It could get worse, for while there might be a replacement for Pietersen when he leaves, there appears none for Dravid when he returns, as expected, for a break to Bangalore to be with his wife for their second child.