Bangladesh cricket July 13, 2009

Captain Courageous

The best captain is the one who can manage his players well and ensures that they are happy with their captain. No player, big or small, must feel that the captain dislikes him - he must be friendly with the players so that they can open up to his captain. Mashrafe Mortaza, the new Bangladesh skipper, highlights these key skills that a leader must possess. Read Tarek Mahmud's translated interview on the forum.

How confident are you of meeting the fans’ expectations?

People don’t ride rickshaw out there (outside Bangladesh). They ride taxis. They come home in the comfort of a taxi and listen to the commentary over food. Our rickshawallas and vanwallas will slog all day just to earn 10 takas. They spend this hard-earned money on cricket. The young kids too have hopes and desires. Their dream – they will be great cricketers one day. But in the end, when we lose, they all are all agonized. 160 million Bangladeshis feel the pain. The players feel the pain too. We lost because of us. Everyone experiences the anguish. But we can’t blame anyone else. We have to do what we have to do.