Australia in India 2008-09 October 26, 2009

Foster's Passage to India

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Foster's girls enlivened the drinks break © Getty Images

Just when the cricket world was debating the ODI’s waning popularity and wondering just who’d watch another seven-match series, the suits at Foster’s, the Australian brewers, have come up with an ace: Foster’s girls. Four of them, clad in fetching blue-and-yellow skirts and with strawberry blonde hair under matching hats, accompanied the drinks on to the field during the India v Australia game at Vadodara on Sunday, doubtless sending temperatures around the stadium soaring even higher. While cheerleaders aren’t new to limited-overs cricket – the recent Champions League had the omnipresent White Mischief team – this is perhaps the first time in an official international bilateral series that the drinks break has been so enlivened. The girls will at the other six games too, which should help ease doubts over thinning attendance and the future of the ODI.

Jayaditya Gupta is executive editor of ESPNcricinfo in India