Save Pakistan cricket January 7, 2010

Letter to the President

We, the supporters of Pakistan cricket, demand an immediate end to the systematic destruction of Pakistan cricket.

Asaf Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan © AFP

To the President of Pakistan,

We, the supporters of Pakistan cricket, demand an immediate end to the systematic destruction of Pakistan cricket.

Cricket is the single-most visible embodiment of the aspirations of the global Pakistani nation. Our cricketers are the most visible ambassadors of an embattled country. Cricket fans are representative of every walk of Pakistani society. The history of Pakistan as a nation and a cricket team is intertwined, and some might say cricket is a mirror reflecting the state of the nation.

We care about the present and the future of Pakistan cricket because we care about the present and the future of Pakistan itself.

Successive regimes of the Pakistan Cricket Board, under the patronage of the President of Pakistan, have indulged in nepotism, cronyism, and financial mismanagement, to name a few misdemeanours. The cricket board has been run unprofessionally in an age of professional international sport. Decision-making has been for the benefit of the individuals representing the cricket board rather than for the national cricket team or the hundreds of millions of cricket fans from all countries who support the Pakistan cricket team.

The result of this systematic mismanagement has been the isolation of Pakistan cricket from the international cricket community and the destruction of Pakistan as a force in the world of cricket. The Pakistan cricket team once made us proud, it is now the starkest example of how to waste the natural abilities, talents, and resources of the Pakistani people.

We demand that cricket does not follow squash and hockey, sports that we once dominated. Instead, we demand that the current cricket board of amateurs is disbanded and replaced by professionals fit to run a 21st century international sports organisation.

We demand that the current crop of exciting players, like Mohammad Aamer and Umar Akmal, has the hope of playing in a national team that makes Pakistan cricket great again and the supporters proud.

We demand that cricket puts its house in order and becomes a shining example of how to revitalise a Pakistani institution.

We demand that the patience of millions is rewarding with action.

As your predecessors knew, the success of the team is also a judgment on the success of your presidency.

Save Pakistan cricket.

Dil Dil Pakistan.

(If you support this letter, join the Facebook group/petition I've set up called 'A million people to save Pakistan cricket." Follow this link)

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • fanedlive on January 15, 2010, 13:37 GMT

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  • fanedlive on January 13, 2010, 5:00 GMT

    176 runs in 90+ overs, 540+ balls what happend to our so-called super stars? Why blame only Kamran Akmal who plays with pride for the nation.

  • fanedlive on January 13, 2010, 0:04 GMT

    And we can not blame our batting because they dont get a second chance. when they get out they look at bottom of the bat like blaming the bat.

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 18:40 GMT

    And I am also surprised and infuriated (if the reports are true) that his younger brother, Umar Akmal, threatened to not play in 3rd test, if his brother was axed!

    Come on, this guy, talented as he may be, does not have a century to his credit! Has not even platyed a match saving innings for his team , and yet, he is acting so pricey!

    If the report is indeed true, with such players in their team, despite all their talent, Pakistan is all set to displace Bangaldesh at the bottom of the Test ladder in the next 1-2 years!!

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 18:32 GMT

    I think Kamran is one of the most arrogant and stupid-est persons and players going around! After his dismal performance in 2nd test, I was surprised to see him cockily announce that he will play the 3rd test as a wicket-keeper batsman.

    I am glad better sense has prevailed and he will be made to sit out, much against his wishes!!

    Only if his abilities matched upto his arrogance, Pakistan would be sitting at 1-1 in the test series now!

    Contrast his attitude to Krish Srikkanth's in 1989 Indian tour of Pakistan. After being humbled by Wasim Akram on that tour, Srikkanth, in fact offered tio drop him self from the team for the last test match, and this, as a skipper!

    Something Kamran Akmal should take note of and learn from!!

    I think Kamran has been given enough chances and Pakistan shoud look beyond him for the future!!

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 17:43 GMT

    I think pakistani are # ONE in cricket becuse they play with eleven against twenty two players. Our bowlers have to boweld them out atlest two times in an inning.JUst poor wicket keeping,field placing and fielding.

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 14:17 GMT

    Circus Party is over finally. Akmal will not play-INTIKHAB says. Congratulations, Slow manager, coach and captain.

    To tell the truth, the problem in Pakistan Cricket is so naked and vivid, that even a 10 year old can see that.

    1. After the last test, Akmal should have asked for a rest on his own. The Captain and coach should have supported that given his condition.

    2. The tug of war between Intikhab and the board was very clear, as Intikhab said he does not know that another wicket keeper is on his way to australia. Even if he was not consulted, he has no right to discuss that in the media.

    3. Akmal must have had backing from he Captain and Coach to say openly that he is playing 3rd test an the wicketkeeper.

    4. Finally, the spectators' view that they might not come to see the game may have some influence to make he right decision.

    4. There should be no comparison between Akaml and Dhoni, Dhoni leads from front and is vital for his team. Akmal is not.


  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 13:27 GMT

    If Akmal feels that he has played well previously and that should be enough for him to be selected then please bring back Younis Khan as captain. He has a batting average of over 50 in test cricket and is better Captain than Yousaf.

    I was wondering if Akaml and Co are behind Younis's departure from Test Cricket????

    You never know.

    Safraz should play and Akmal should be dropped until he proves he is aTest Wicket Keeper. If his brother thinks by scoring runs he is automatically eligible and therefore can cause an issue if his brother is not selected then SACK HIM.

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 11:03 GMT

    We all know Kaman is not a very fine keeper though he had perfomed good with the bat a lot of times. We have to realise that we are not poducing talented cricketes to replace the curent lot. Kamran has worked very hard and he should be automatic selection for One days and 20-20 but for Test cricket some one has to take his place as a keeper. But we all need to show some sympathy towards Kamran. He is paasing though tough time and we are all with him.

  • fanedlive on January 12, 2010, 10:34 GMT

    Kamran what you have started? This is realy very bad for the president,Pakistanis and Cricket team as well.Have you read what people are writting? I am also very upset about the game which the team has lost but think that we did not lose by an inning and some runs.Recently have you seen SA and England what has did you watch India's Dhony dropping catches and their tame mates as well.No one is writting to drop Dhoni.Not in today's match only Dhoni has been dropping catches.In our teams many players continuely giving bad bad bad perfromance were selected in the team.What is behind Kamran Akmal? Just for this bad performace he is dropped.He is match winning player.No one(In any team)wants to drop or give bad performance purposily coz he knows people will write about him.People sitting outside the ground thinks that if they were in the team they will bocome hero but when they are in the field they know their strength.(this is for the retired players)Kamran should get chance

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