July 24, 2010


No blood or biography, says Tendulkar

George Binoy

Apparently the 37kg, metre square, 852-pages-edged-in-gold-leaf book on Sachin Tendulkar won’t contain any of the batsman’s blood after all, and it isn’t a biography either.

“There is no truth in my blood being part of the book. The book is basically a photographic publication that celebrates my life and is not an autobiography or a biography," Tendulkar told Times of India. “I understand this information came out during the Test match. As I was focusing on the game, I only got to hear about it yesterday.”

The Guardian had quoted Karl Fowler, chief executive of the book’s publisher, Kraken Media, as saying that the “signature page will be mixed with Sachin's blood. It is what it is – you will have Sachin's blood on the page.”

However, Fowler reportedly told the Times of India that he had been “misunderstood”. "The Opus will not carry any blood as mentioned in the several articles/TV reports that have appeared over the last few days,” he said in a statement. “I believe that my thoughts on this have been misunderstood."

So no blood, no biography and a price tag of $75,000?

George Binoy is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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