August 24, 2010


Shenyang Sport University continue dominance


Shenyang Sport University have maintained their dominance of cricket in China, recently winning the men's national championship for the fifth year in a row.

They are the only team to have won the championships since they began in 2007.

According to the Asian Cricket Council, 98 teams from across China took part in University, High School Senior, High School Junior, High School Women, Combined Primary School Boys and Primary School Girls divisions. A total of 28 teams competed in the finals which were held in Linhai, Zheijiang Province in eastern China for the first time. Previous finals have been played in Beijing and Shanghai. In 2009 61 teams took part nationally.

There are expatriate competitions in Shanghai and Beijing. However, the Chinese Cricket Association (CCA) in its professed desire to develop cricket among the Chinese has had little or no interaction with the expatriates, who do not fall under the CCA umbrella.

The winners and runners-up in each division:
University: 1. Shenyang Sport University 2. Shanghai Aviation University

Senior High School 1. Beijing Zhichunli High School 2. Shenyang 28 High school

Junior High School 1. Shenzhen Tongle School 2. Zhejiang Shaojiadu High School

High School Women 1. Zhejiang Shaojiadu High School 2. Shandong Yuhua Middle School

Primary School Boys and Girls 1. Shandong Kuangshan Middle School 2. Shenzhen Yucai Primary Middle School


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