Multistats June 24, 2011

Tremlett's cobra bite, and Grace's fake beard



The number of five-wicket hauls Chris Tremlett has taken in six Tests since his recall in Australia, in which time he has taken 32 wickets at an average of 23 (all but nine of which have been top six batsmen). His opponents have played him with the comfort of unqualified snake handlers trying to quell a riot at a cobra sanctuary.

Also: The number of five-wicket hauls Chris Tremlett had taken in his previous five seasons of first-class cricket before his recall.

Also: The most wickets Stuart Broad has taken in a Test innings in his last seven Tests, dating back to the third Test against Pakistan last summer. Since the end of the 2009-10 South Africa series, Broad has taken more than two wickets in an innings just once in 11 matches. In that time Swann has done so 13 times in 16 Tests, Anderson 11 in 13, Finn 8 in 12, Tremlett 6 in 6, Bresnan 4 in 5 and Shahzad and Tredwell once each in their only Tests.

Also: The number of back-up emergency fake beards WG Grace used to carry with him at all times in case a team-mate shaved his real one off as a dressing-room prank. He was a man strongly aware of the importance of brand recognition. And a man strongly suspicious of the pair of scissors Arthur Shrewsbury used to carry in his kitbag for no obvious reason.

Also: The number of times Arthur Shrewsbury shaved WG Grace's beard off.

Andy Zaltzman is a stand-up comedian, a regular on the BBC Radio 4, and a writer