May 10, 2012

Indian cricket

"I’ve got to be myself"

Akhila Ranganna

Sachin Tendulkar talks to Bobby Ghosh and Nilanjana Bhowmick about his expectations of himself, the importance of enjoying his cricket, on his inner monologue while batting, and more. More from an interview in the Time magazine.

Sometimes I chat to myself, sometimes I don’t. Most of the times, it’s my subconscious mind that’s working. I don’t have time to complicate my mind, so I try to keep it empty. Being in “the zone” is when you’re not thinking of anything, merely reacting.

So much happens [on and off the field] that sometimes you forget to enjoy the game. That’s when things don’t go smoothly. I only realized that in 2006, after I after my [shoulder] surgery, during my rehab. I played a couple of practice games, and there was not too much media, not too many people watching. I realized something was very different: I was enjoying cricket. In retrospect, it was important for me to play those games. That was game changer for me. I didn’t even realize it had become so much about commitment and pressure, and doing this correctly.


Akhila Ranganna is assistant editor (Audio) at ESPNcricinfo

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