May 18, 2012

English cricket

England's Ashes hero now works in a supermarket

Carlyle Laurie

Former England fast bowler Chris Old, who was part of the team that won the Ashes in 1981, took 143 wickets from 43 Tests during his career. Old, now working part-time in a supermarket in Cornwall, spoke to Suzannah Hills from the Daily Mail and discussed his career and life after retirement.

“The Ashes series of 1981 still seems special to people. A lot of people say they remember where they were when they watched it. So it's nice when you get recognised for that,” Old said. “Some people do recognise me - and it's pleasing when they do because I'm still very proud of my cricket career. It's generally older people because it's over 30 years ago since I played in Test matches for England. I think some of my colleagues at Sainsbury's (supermarket) are aware of that history too - but a lot aren't. Perhaps I could have made more of it but that's not the sort of person I am.”


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