June 25, 2012


'Fast bowling is simple'

Abhishek Mukherjee

Former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram, in an interview with the Cricket Couch, say fast bowling needs a simple mindset, and hard work.

Nowadays, all these foreign coaches… It was fairly simple in my times, less than 9 years ago. It was very simple. What I’ve learnt from Imran, and Javed Miandad ofcourse- the idea as a fast bowler is that the fast bowling muscles will only work when you bowl in nets. The gym training is good for individual muscles, maybe to look good, I suppose, it’s part and parcel of the game [laughs]. I’m fine with that. But again, if you look good and you are not bowling well, there is no point in being a fast bowler, or being a bowler at all. He has to get wickets for your country, your county, your club.

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