September 17, 2012

ICC World Twenty20

Not just another Twenty20 league

Abhishek Mukherjee

With a plethora of domestic Twenty20 leagues running at different times in a year, the average cricket follower may have reasons to feel a little overfed with another league of the same format. But, Osman Samiuddin, writing in the National, argues that the World Twenty20 would be exciting due to the participation of the best players in the world, and the teams' lack of strategical knowhow on how to approach the tournament.

If you are a bit blase about another Twenty20 tournament, that is understandable. Maybe this is what is called being old-fashioned, but there is still something about the best players in the world (except, of course, you know, Kevin Pietersen) assembling at one place to represent their countries in one tournament that rouses the mind. One of the best things about it is that the format has still not found shape. The evolution is in progress. Trends and fashions, successful strategies are not easily identified, and neither does a particular style of play associate itself with a specific nation.


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