November 19, 2012

South Africa in Australia 2012-13

SA should be wary of Australia's sledging

When South Africa face Australia in the second Test in Adelaide, they have to be ready for the verbal duel, says Kepler Wessels in Supersport. Having played for Australia for some time, he writes that Australia use the tactic of sledging cleverly, and plan to apply it on the players they perceive to be mentally fragile.

They are good at determining early which players are vulnerable to sledging. The Aussies don't use sledging as a way of blowing off steam or venting anger or frustration. It is a definite tactic to break the concentration of the opponent. They are clever enough to realise that some opposition players are likely to concentrate harder and be more determined when they are sledged. Generally they will say nothing to such an opponent. They may even try some reverse psychology and compliment such a player.


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