December 6, 2012

Australian cricket

KP and me - Haigh

Gideon Haigh in a blog in the Australian shares his opinion on what led to the rise of Kerry Packer during a time when Australian cricket was thriving.

"So why did relations between the Board and the players break down? The more I've reflected on this, the more I've concluded that World Series Cricket was a social as well as an economic upheaval. In the 1970s, it was common to talk about 'the generation gap'. A yawning one had opened up in Australian cricket. In 1976, Len Maddocks was the youngest member of the Board: he was 50. The majority were over 60. Sir Donald Bradman was approaching 70..... Ian Chappell, by contrast, was 32 when he retired from Test cricket in 1976, and in Australian cricket terms he was old. Rewards were too little, touring requirements too onerous, and tenures too insecure for players to linger longer. "


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