January 14, 2013

Indian cricket

India's long-term shortcomings

The Indian team is on a losing streak again and Palash Krishna Mehrotra in the India Today identifies five shortcomings the Indian team needs to do away with as soon as possible. One of them being giving preference to form over past record.

We give too much respect to past form and record. A position in our cricket team is treated like a government job. Once you are in, you're in. Gambhir didn't score a first class century for nearly two years and yet he's retained. Why? Because of his average and strike rate. Sport is always about present form, not past achievements. And given the amount of cricket we play, every player will get enough chances to stage a comeback...

...But we persist and persist, and lose valuable opportunities to blood new players. Before we know it, it's a moment of crisis, and then we say, "Oh, the team is in transition."


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