India's tour of New Zealand 2013-14 January 22, 2014

Fresh graduate cashes it in

A 22-year-old from the town of Te Aroha went home with NZ$100,000 after taking a one-handed catch on the Seddon Park grass bank

Jatinder, a fresh graduate from the University of Waikato, wants to buy a new car with the cash © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

After Michael Morton, it's Jatinder Singh. The 22-year old from the town of Te Aroha became the second person to win NZ$100,000 offered by a beer company after taking the 'catch' of Corey Anderson on the Seddon Park grass bank in the second ODI between India and New Zealand. Morton had done it at the same ground in an ODI against West Indies recently.

The promotion requires people to purchase an orange t-shirt and lanyard with the company's logo on both and take a clean one-handed catch during any of the international limited-overs matches in New Zealand this summer, with the first person to do so at each game raking it in.

Jatinder's chance came in the 39th over of New Zealand's innings as Anderson swung Ishant Sharma over the long-on boundary. A gaggle of spectators converged towards where the ball was about to land, but Jatinder was somehow able to clasp on to a somewhat awkward but safe take with his right hand. He had a friend to thank as well, for the latter, wearing an India jersey and not an orange one, appeared to go for the ball before pulling out late.

"To be honest, I got up and didn't think it was going to make it as far as me," Jatinder said in the Hamilton press box where he was ushered to speak to eager reporters after receiving a big fat cheque. "I thought it was going to land short, so then I sort of gave up on it, and then it kept going, and next thing I know it was in my right hand. Really, it happened so fast. It was just unbelievable timing. I was just jumping up and down. That's not me, I'm usually quite reserved. It's just unbelievable really."

A "fourth-generation New Zealander" whose mother is from Punjab, Jatinder said she was the last one he had called in the process of replying to the deluge of missed calls on his mobile phone.

There were some nervous times for Jatinder as the company had a day to determine whether he was indeed wearing a lanyard. However, once it was confirmed, the cheque was handed over to him during a drinks break.

"I don't know how it (lanyard) got inside my shirt, but some guy put his hand down my shirt, 'I was like what are you doing' but he was actually helping me out by pulling my lanyard out."

Jatinder could not recall who had bowled the delivery that had led him to fortune but he thanked Anderson profusely. When told that it was Ishant who had been hit by Anderson, Jatinder thanked the fast bowler as well, but did not think it was proper to have one more shot at winning another hundred grand. "It'd be a bit selfish to have another go I think. I'll let someone else have a go. But I'll come to the next game in Hamilton. I'm a big cricket fan."

Abhishek Purohit is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo