New Zealand cricket February 2, 2014

Credit where due for plucky New Zealand

Mark Richardson and Simon Doull, writing for the New Zealand Herland and New Zealand Fairfax News respectively, are pleased with the progress that New Zealand have made in ODIs over the last few months

Mark Richardson, writing for the New Zealand Herald, is pleased with the progress that New Zealand have made in ODIs over the last few months.

Other bowling attacks would challenge our batsmen more but the belief they now have and the processes they have built will stand them in great stead when they are so challenged. A lot could change in a year but that should only be from a form perspective. These players will not be worse in February next year and players like Corey Anderson and Jimmy Neesham, I believe, will be accomplished international players with decent experience. If the World Cup was played tomorrow we'd be in with a shot; in a year's time the odds should be shorter.

Simon Doull, writing for Fairfax New Zealand News, echoes the same sentiment, highlighting how the hosts overcame all the odds to make little work of an Indian team who came into the series ranked No.1 in the world.

I think we have to acknowledge how good the Black Caps have been over the past two weeks, and how significant this series win is. New Zealand have improved, they've found a formula, they've done their homework on India - and they've ruffled their feathers. Everyone talked up India. Every newspaper article, every television piece, every radio station. Everyone was talking about how good the India side were, and about how terrifying their batting line-up was. We can't just all of a sudden turn around and say 'they're not that good' because before they came, they were that good.