IPL 2014 May 22, 2014

Revamped Uthappa hits the high note

Uthappa's outstanding IPL season and the possibility of an India recall.

Ninety-seven runs from five innings, at an average of 19.40 and a strike rate of 108.98 - these are not confidence inspiring numbers from the point of view of a captain, team management or the fans. These stats, from around three weeks ago, belong to the man who is currently IPL 2014's second-highest run-getter. The numbers inarguably point to the fact that Robin Uthappa's performance in the UAE leg of this year's IPL was below-par. Apart from one good innings of 55, his scores read - 1, 22, 19, 0. When the IPL returned to India, Uthappa, however, came roaring back to form, showing everyone that the lows of the UAE were nothing but a blip.

Uthappa's rise began with a strong showing in the domestic one day season. He scored a run-a-ball 104 against Kerala in the Subbaiah Pillai Trophy, the south zone qualifiers to the national one day tournament - the Vijay Hazare Trophy. He top-scored in the Vijay Hazare Trophy with 536 runs at an average of 76.57 including a 132 not out against Gujarat and 133 against Jharkhand, thereby taking Karnataka to the title, and a historic treble (winning the Ranji, Irani and Vijay Hazare trophies).

Uthappa has so far scored 392 runs in the India leg of the 2014 IPL, when no other batsmen has managed to score even 300 runs. Below is a table of the top five batsmen in the India leg of IPL 2014.

Top five batsmen from the India leg of IPL 2014
Batsman Inns Runs HS Avg SR 50+
RV Uthappa
7 392 80 56.00 142.02 3
AB de Villiers 7 299 89* 49.83 194.15 3
LMP Simmons 5 280 100* 70.00 130.84 3
DA Warner 7 271 61 54.20 148.08 3
SK Raina 7 261 65 52.20 135.23 2

Uthappa has not only scored the most runs, but also has the second best average and strike rate among the above batsmen. Further, Uthappa's ordinary numbers in the UAE were when he batted in the middle order. After the move to India, Uthappa has opened the batting in each of Kolkata Knight Riders' games. The below table demonstates how Uthappa has made himself one of the best openers in the tournament, despite the five-match handicap.

Top five openers in IPL 2014 (in terms of runs scored)
Batsman Inns Runs HS Avg SR 50+
DR Smith
12 454 79 37.83 133.52 5
RV Uthappa 7 392 80 56.00 142.02 3
BB McCullum 12 380 71* 34.54 124.18 3
AM Rahane 10 312 72 31.20 120.93 3
AJ Finch 11 291 88* 29.10 115.93 2

Uthappa has clearly played fewer innings than any opener in the above table, yet has scored the second-highest number of runs. He has the best average (56.0) and strike rate (142.02) amongst these openers too. However, due to some exceptional performances over the years by Chris Gayle, Shaun Marsh and Michael Hussey, Uthappa's numbers are not the best for an opener in any given season. Not yet at least.

In the seven innings Uthappa has opened, he has crossed 40 each time, pointing to his consistency. Before this season, Uthappa had never managed to string together more than two 40+ scores. Including his score of 55 in the UAE, Uthappa has eight scores of 40 or more in this IPL - only Mathew Hayden and Michael Hussey have more such scores in a single season.

Batsmen with most 40+ scores in an IPL season
Batsman 40+ Runs HS 50+ Season
ML Hayden 9 515 89 5 2009
MEK Hussey 9 612 95 6 2013
SE Marsh 8 552 115 6 2008
CH Gayle 8 660 128* 8 2012
RV Uthappa 8 447 80 4 2014

Uthappa still has at least two more games to better his record - if all goes well for Knight Riders, he could even have five more games. The only criticism of Uthappa could be that despite crossing 40 on eight occasions, he has not kicked on to make a really big score often enough. This can also be seen from the above table where Uthappa has the lowest aggregate runs, lowest number of fifties and lowest high score (though less relevant). In order to put Uthappa's success in context, it would be useful to consider his performances in previous seasons.

Robin Uthappa's performance in each IPL season
Season Inns Runs HS Avg SR 50
2008 14 320 48 35.55 114.69 0
2009 13 175 66* 15.90 102.94 1
2010 14 374 68* 31.16 171.55 3
2011 13 264 45 26.40 126.31 0
2012 16 405 69 27.00 118.07 2
2013 16 434 75 27.12 116.98 2
2014 12 489 80 40.75 133.97 4

This is clearly Uthappa's best season yet. His aggregate runs, batting average and number of fifties are the highest for any season and his strike rate of almost 134, is better than each of his previous seasons barring the 2010 IPL. Keeping with this, the 2010 season was also the only time that he had a lower dot-ball percentage (30%) than he has in this IPL (36%). Uthappa's form also comes at the right time for him with India's three-ODI tour to Bangladesh lined up followed by the tour to England.

Bishen Jeswant is a stats sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo. He tweets here.

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  • Vijay on May 24, 2014, 4:37 GMT

    There is no doubt that Robin is wonderful player. Had he been given the chances / encouragement that is given to Rohit Sharma, India would have won many more ODI's / T20 matches.

    Keep it up Robin! Hard work definitely pays off positively.

  • Subramani on May 23, 2014, 7:08 GMT

    I think there is some doubt about what makes a good batsman of the back foot. In the past when cricket was played on matting wickets it was not easy to come on the front foot because the ball used to rise from good length to above the batsman's waist. That necessitated him to go on to his back foot and play a shot.That is the reason that the Vijay Manjrekar and others were excellent players of the risiing ball.They had out of necessity to play the hook,pull and the square cut.From what I have seen of Robin Uthappa,he is an excellent player of the hook,pull and the square cut. If with Amre's coaching he has brought in to his play the ability of playing these shots late, I think he will do well in Australia. Also, in his IPL batting as an opener I see that he covers the lateral movement of the ball in the air very well. By delaying his shot I found that he was piercing the gps in the field with certainty.I wonder why people have doubts about his ding well in England and Australia.

  • Vikas on May 22, 2014, 18:24 GMT

    @RajeshJ you are talking about Uthappa of two years back... Except CSK, where he got two chances, he never gave the oppositions any chance of getting him out...

  • Rajesh on May 22, 2014, 12:59 GMT

    Agreed that Uthappa plays some brave strokes and clean hits to the boundary.. But he is a flashy player and if you take any of his innings where he scored more than 20 runs, you would notice that he would have got 2 lucky escapes.. Well a lucky Uthappa could get such lucky innings in IPL or domestic matches, where the bowling/fielding quality is not at highest standards, but surely he cannot expect to be lucky playing against SA, Eng, Pak or Aus.. His career so far has demonstrated it clearly..

  • vikraman on May 22, 2014, 12:21 GMT

    He is a dominant front foot player.. agreeed.. but he is not as awkward as Shikar dhawan of the back foot who doesn't know even to get out of the way of a short ball.. S. Dhawan's lucky top edges can clear the boundary in India.. but not in other countries.. But damn sure Shikar dhawan will be dhoni's favourite and definitely will not be Uthappa as he has played well against CSK

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2014, 10:58 GMT

    Uthappa is a terrific batsman in Indian conditions, and has an excellent temperament too. But his problem is that he is a pure front-foot player -- and I don't think he even knows how to play a back-foot shot! This will expose him terribly in Australia and South Africa especially, but anywhere outside the Indian subcontinent. The bouncing or swinging ball will be difficult for him to negotiate without any back-foot play.

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2014, 9:57 GMT

    Earlier after IPL2 tournament, Robin Got the chance to play for India..due to the Injury he didn't get in to the team and later on he didn't get chance to play for India..Hope this Time will Get into Team..

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