August 13, 2014

West Indies cricket

The world of Chris Gayle

The Telegraph's Oliver Brown travels to Jamaica to meet Chris Gayle and discovers that behind the laidback attitude is a cricketer aware of his humble beginnings and disappointed at the lack of recognition for his performances on the field.

Gayle, sore at not enjoying the same uniformity of reverence as, say, Usain Bolt, laments: "I guess when you die, all the good things are said about you. But in life, if you have something to say or offer, do it now. Don't wait until the person is dead and gone to say: 'Oh, he was such a great player, he did all of this.'
"It's just the way I feel, and I want to express myself. There, I've said it, and I don't have any regrets. The government will get my message, and that's important."


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