May 5, 2001

We Are optimistic To Reverse the Result- Mahbubul Anam

In a press briefing held at BCB auditorium, the skipper and the cricketing officials fresh from Zimbabwe were present to run a discussion over Bangladesh's attainment from their first overseas tourthe meeting was chaired by Ashraful Hoque, the general secretary of BCB. Addressing the journalists the coach, manager and captain first delivered their speech concerning the experience they gathered in abroad which they wished they would capitalize in future. The manager Mr. Mahbubul Anam seemed to be sheer hopeful about the matches between the same sides in Bangladesh in November. He aspiration to turn over the calculations in the home ground appeared to be taken to heart by the media-men present there, because he had been hopeful to reverse the result they got from the latest tour. He got himself unnerved by the hostile question from the journalists and defended he and his team tactfully with smile always hanging on his face.

Some questions concerned the inclusion of Al-Sahariar as an opening batsman as his experience did not talk in his favor much in earlier days, therefore, playing him as an opener is sort of a risky experiment the coach carried out in such a vital tour. Trevor joined the argument saying all specialist batsmen should be acumen to play at any order. He thought Al-Sahariar would click-but he could not and that is cricket where expectations sometimes had to stumble.

The late incusion of Akram Khan in the third one-day raised another dispute. The journalists contrived to confirm it was a stronger influence from the board that played it's knack to get this ace batsman, though struggling a bit, hold the grip in that match. The officials refuted it saying it as a media-hype; none could play any role except the team management to decide upon who was playing and who was not. The skipper admitted his confined performance in the tour where he was seen most of the time taking his stride with runs between twenty and thirtya wretched feat for a batsman like him; he took shelter to lack of concentration to hide up his failure that sounded unconvincing to others.

At one point all gave the impression to be unanimous that the pitch was exotic and quiet alien to BD players and they were not apt to see themselves in such bouncy tracks often, if we keep that thing along with the inexperience in test match in our head, we could find that Bangladesh had not played that bad. The progress would be empirical and the plight of BD cricket would develop accordingly.

The disagreement went on as Mushfiqur Rahman replaced Hasibul Hasan in the second test who is one of the leading new-ball operators of the country. The members of the press termed it as a foolish act as Mushfiq failed utterly in both versions of the game, specially when his batting was an added advantage that helped his way into the squad but miserably that botched too.

By the way, Mr. Ashraful Hoque gave the November schedule when Zimbabwe is going to travel around Bangladesh to take part in three one days and two tests. Most of the matches will be played at BNS and BKSP though the venues are not confirmed yet.