June 11, 2003

Wes Hall stands down for health reasons

Worries about his health have forced the former Test fast bowler Wes Hall not to offer himself for re-election as the president of the West Indies Cricket Board next month.

The Rev. Hall issued a statement today saying he had informed the West Indies Board and the Territorial boards of his decision before the annual general meeting on July 13. "I am not seeking re-election because of a pre-existing medical condition which is exacerbated by stressful situations and constant travel," he said. "As a consequence, I have decided to pay maximum attention to my health at this time."

He added that these were exciting times for West Indies cricket, and that he would have liked to have been involved in the processes - but he admitted that his unspecified condition meant he would have to help where he could from "beyond the boundary".

According to Hall, the continuing climb towards regaining the goal of sides of excellence from the region, and the hosting and winning of the World Cup in 2007 were two aspects of this development in the West Indian game. "I would wish to have continued in the capacity of president to guide the organisation along the path of achieving these and other goals, but I must now be contented to help wherever I can from beyond the boundary.

"At this stage I would first like to thank God for his guidance and allowing me to continue to fulfill my desires which include serving West Indies cricket. I would also like to thank the many persons and organisations who have been helpful in expediting my duties as president."

And he concluded: "I look forward to observing the steady progress of West Indies cricket at a time that presents many challenges but even greater opportunities."