March 3, 2003

Everything has gone against us - Fleming


New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming admitted his side's World Cup destiny was beyond his control after their five-wicket demolition of Canada in their Pool B Game at Willowmoore Park.

New Zealand must await the outcome of the Sri Lanka v South Africa match before knowing whether they have qualified for the Super Sixes. The Kiwis took just 22 overs to haul in the Canadian target of 197.

"16 overs was our target as that would have given us a pretty good run rate, but we did pretty well in getting to the target in 22 overs at the end. We did all we could with the bat but we were probably a little short with the ball," Fleming said.

Going at 12 an over would have meant someone would have had to bat out of their skin. Eight-and-a-half was pretty good and we had a plan to give the top five carte blanche and then go with a second wave if that didn't work.

"We will be watching the South Africa and Sri Lanka game with interest, but we don't really know which way to go because there are so many permutations at the moment. It's a pretty tough situation."

Fleming repeated his disappointment that his side could be on their way home early because the ICC refused to move their match against Kenya after they refused to travel to Nairobi because of security reasons.

"Our situation hasn't changed, and we are still disappointed that the game against Kenya wasn't moved by the ICC," he added. "We had a pretty strong case that it was dangerous to send the team there and our stance remains the same.

"We have played pretty good cricket in the tournament. Everything that could have gone against us has gone against us and if we don't go through it will be a disappointment."

Meanwhile Canada's captain Joe Harris praised the commitment of his players in taking five of the Kiwi wickets.

"They came out with a plan to chase the net run rate - they even advertised it on television and we had the limitations of the first 15 overs. We could do only so much in the field and we put a lot of pressure on them. In all it wasn't really a bad day of cricket for us."