India v England, only Twenty20, Kolkata October 30, 2011

Pietersen reprimanded for showing dissent

ESPNcricinfo staff

Kevin Pietersen, the England batsman, has been officially reprimanded for a Level 1 breach of the ICC code of conduct during the Kolkata Twenty20 game against India on October 29. Pietersen was found to have breached Article 2.1.3 of the code which relates to "showing dissent at an umpire's decision during an international match".

The charge was laid by on-field umpires Sudhir Asnani and S Ravi, third umpire Vineet Kulkarni and fourth umpire K Srinath. The offence occurred following Pietersen's dismissal, when he was ruled out lbw off Suresh Raina's bowling. By then, England were cruising towards victory on the back of Pietersen's brisk half-century.

Pietersen pleaded guilty to the charge and, under the provisions of the code, the matter was determined by the match referee Roshan Mahanama and so there was no requirement for a full hearing.

"As an experienced cricketer, Kevin should know that when the umpire raises his finger, a player should leave the crease without showing his emotions no matter what he may think of the decision," Mahanama said. "In this case, Kevin displayed excessive and obvious disappointment at the decision which sent the wrong signals to all those watching the match at the ground and on television, and as such merited some form of action."

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  • Gareth on November 2, 2011, 11:46 GMT

    @Rajchamp My original comment was an observation about how you should maybe examine your own team before commenting on others. Your arguments, both on the previous article and on this one, presume that a team must perform well in the sub-continent to be considered the best. Your facts presented here are twisted to confirm this bias, and your methods are poor and inconsistant by trying to use different timeframes for comparisons. My opion is that a team should perform well, regardless of where they play, to be considered the best. Here are some of my facts. In the last 5 years, England have played 18 Test series, winning 11 of them (61%), during which they won 28 of the 63 Tests (44%). In the same timeframe (see what I did there?) India have played 19 Test series, winning 11 of them (58%), during which they won 19 of the 52 Tests (36%). Finally, I've just checked for myself the official ICC rankings, and England are the best Test team.

  • Kris on November 2, 2011, 3:04 GMT

    Typical response from my 'compatriots'. If a player from the subcontinent were...blablabla.... As if KP had done something diabolical! I too was watching it. He was frustrated as he was playing superbly. And all this talk to support a side that managed to remove an umpire and force another into premature retirement, and insist against the use of DRS!

  • Rajan on November 2, 2011, 2:38 GMT

    Had to post comments in this section cause the comments are closed for t-20. @GDH62@Shan156: Before posting blind praises for your so called great TEST TEAM, which you feel is invincible without winning a single test series in sub continent in last 9 years, please check these facts. Since 2002 India have played 12 test series OUTSIDE SUBCONTINENT out of which they have WON 4, DRAWN 3 and LOST 5. Not a bad effort for an ever improving test team outside home.They have beaten WI twice (2006 and 2010), NZ once(2009), England Once(2007). Drawn once against England (2002), Once against Aus (2003), once against SA (2010). Now England, have played 7 TEST SERIES (Excluding BD) outside sub continent in last 11 years LOST 5, DRAWN 1, and WON 1 (Way back in Feb 2001). Forget winning a series they have won just 1 TEST MATCH in sub-continent since 2002. India have toured England 3 times, DRAWN 1 series (2002), WON 1 (2007), LOST 1 (2011). Now check for yourself which is the better test team.

  • G on November 1, 2011, 17:04 GMT

    never seen KP do it that well? He did it off the bowling of Styris! Twice! Dravid_gravitas I totally agree with your observations of KP! He's worth the admission fee alone, it's a privilege to watch him bat when he is on form

  • John on November 1, 2011, 14:39 GMT

    I note with interest that no Indian Cricinfo readers have responded to my earlier invitation to explain and justify the BCCI position on DRS. A logic defying untenable position that is harming the interests of cricket & reducing respect for umpires that make obvious errors as exampled in the Eng India 20/20. There is potential for a repetition of a blow up during the Indian visit Downunder replicating the monkeygate episode. Time for Indian fans to get the BCCI to apply common sense to this festering DRS issue.

  • Manesh on November 1, 2011, 13:32 GMT

    Living in a world were half of the team got punishment for loud appealing (Vs SA)....and Chris Board was the match referee... someone like Ricky Ponting can thrash TV sets or window glassess !!!!Why the double standard???

  • D N on November 1, 2011, 2:06 GMT

    If any cricketer from sub continent or West Indies had shown the same amount of dissent as KP, then he would surely not have got off with a light reprimand. A suspension and a fine was a minimum even if you think of dissent, let alone show it.

    Referee - are you afraid of something? We have had enough of Chris Broad and Clive LLoyd imposing sanctions and fines on our players. Why not have some fairness in these things. Umpires apparently did not report him for dissent - seriously ????

  • Srinivas on November 1, 2011, 1:32 GMT

    @Yevghenny, well said. He is such a rare talent and a wonderful player with absolutely phenomenal execution mixed with his trademark imposing arrogance and presence. And try talk to him off the field. He is a wonderful person to boot. Look at the way he talks about himself or Swann or his opponents when he is in front of the mic. Such a lovely person. I can't believe that people don't want to see that the umpire was the instigator here. I'm an Indian. People might think that I'm a Brit looking at the way I'm supporting his momentary disapproval or dissent. One doesn't have to be a Brit to support KP on this issue. One just needs to empathise with the players (English or Indian or Oz.....) and then it would be straight forward. Guys who are castigating KP have to chill. Answer me. Would you all castigate Dravid or Sachin or Kallis if they show disapproval of a howler? It's a different thing that they didn't give us a chance till now. Hey, but it's just human to get upset over a howler.

  • Ben on November 1, 2011, 0:57 GMT

    @Yevghenny, umm... Warner mate! refer his to his first ton in the recently concluded champions league, never seen Pietersen do switch hits that well!

  • G on October 31, 2011, 21:14 GMT

    KP's stance did not change, so the original LBW law is still applicable. There seems to be a lot of discussion about the switch hit whenever he brings it out, fact is I don't know anyone else who can hit it as far as he can doing it and I cannot understand why anyone would want to outlaw it - it is a magnificent shot and can only be appreciated when you try it yourself!

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