Zimbabwe news March 5, 2014

Zimbabwe players agree World Twenty20 deal

ESPNcricinfo staff

Zimbabwe's professional cricketers' association have agreed to a payment structure put forward by ZC and will depart for the World T20 in Bangladesh tonight. After demanding that 25% of the World T20 revenue was set aside to guarantee salaries for the next 12 months, the players have accepted earnings of US$11,500 per player for the tournament, with bonuses of up to US$2,700 per second round match won, and are still negotiating a way to secure future wages.

The deal was reached in the presence of Dave Richardson, the ICC CEO, who was in the country to mediate between the players and the board. Late last week the players threatened strike action if their financial security was not assured but have since agreed to play, pending further talks.

"Players have been paid a lump sum towards the World Cup contract," ZPCA secretary-general, Eliah Zvimba, told Zimbabwe newspaper Herald. "The amount covers the appearance and match fees. The players have signed contracts and all is well now. We will continue negotiating for a percentage from the ICC revenues to secure salaries for players after the World Cup."

The current tussle came weeks after a two-month player strike over non-payment of salaries was resolved.

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  • sunder on March 6, 2014, 17:19 GMT

    they should be paid surely for the test match win against pakistan....

  • Dummy4 on March 6, 2014, 6:14 GMT

    I feel it is about time that ICC sets up a third party payroll under FICA or notable Zimbabwe cricketers like Heath Streak so that players are paid without the interference of ZC

  • Vikas on March 5, 2014, 23:52 GMT

    Its pathetic that Zim players have to fight tooth and nails for their rightful salaries. Feel really sorry for them !

  • Graham on March 5, 2014, 17:34 GMT

    Well done to the players union, you guys seem to have the upper hand at last...It is really nice to know where some of the funds that arrive at ZC are designated...Met bank will need to look else where or take insolvency actions against ZC to recover what they are owed. ...

  • Dummy4 on March 5, 2014, 10:28 GMT

    Feeling good to see that Zimbabwe players are at least getting their wedges. Very low compensation as compare to other countries but thanks to ICC for taking this initiative.

  • Farai on March 5, 2014, 8:47 GMT

    Zvimba/the players/ The ICC have no agenda ZCFOutKast. The "future salaries" are a guarantee of payment for all players of national team and domestic franchises in the wake of mismanagement and the recent failure to get paid. ZC has at least two $8 million windfalls from T20 WC and ODI WC next year so players just want to avoid getting horsed around and not getting paid. Under-performing players still deserve to get paid. The only thing is not to employ them if you think they are not good enough otherwise give them their money.

    ZC gets grants and does not give grants. The franchises in fact though are called 'franchises' they are clubs owned by ZC.

    P.S. Unions are composed of players themselves and their representatives. Representatives don't have a union. The players do...

  • ZCF on March 5, 2014, 7:28 GMT

    First of all thanks to the ICC they've been a great help to ZC through funds etc&now sensible intervention.

    To Zvimba, future salaries for which players sir? Your reasoning is unprecedented! You need understand that centrally contracted players are paid by ZC and have contracts that are limited to 12 years. If they are replaced by new players the categories new players fall under are worth much less. All players in domestic cricket in Zimbabwe are contracted by the Franchises at their descretion, and ZC gives them grants for that purpose. I don't think this union represents the needs of all cricketers in Zimbabwe because no mention has been made of them but you've focused on underperforming national players who also have franchise contracts apart from these contract earnings, and have the advantage of being paid for 12 months not 8. All of which raises the concern that your agenda was destabilising the national team alone, but the players could not resist the attraction of the T20WC.

  • Masood on March 5, 2014, 7:28 GMT

    Just have hope that u will do something.

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