Mark Taylor's resignation letter to the ACB (1st February 1999)

1st February 1999

Mark Taylor's resignation letter to the ACB

Mark Taylor

February 1, 1999 Mr Denis Rogers Chairman Australian Cricket Board 90 Jolimont Street JOLIMONT 3002

Dear Denis As someone who has been immensely proud to have represented his country at cricket and, importantly, to have had the honour of captaining an extremely successful Australian team for the past five years, this is indeed a most difficult letter to write.

Since the Sydney Test early last month, I have had a good deal of time away from the game to review my position as a player and as the Australian Test captain. And while I have reaped enormous enjoyment and satisfaction from representing my country and sharing in so many memorable Test -Series victories, I must admit that some personal doubts have emerged these past few weeks concerning whether I would indeed be serving the best interests of Australian cricket and my own best interests by continuing to make myself available for international selection.

When I was appointed Australian captain in 1994, I vowed that when I eventually retired from Test cricket, hopefully, the standing of the Australian team in international cricket would at least be as high as it was when I assumed the leadership from Allan Border. As well, on a personal basis, it was always my desire to depart the game with a satisfying individual contribution. I believe both goals have been achieved.

As you and your ACB colleagues and the Australian selectors are aware, I have deliberately refrained from making long-term plans concerning my cricket future these past few years; rather, it has come down to a series-to-series decision influenced largely by my own form and how well I was enjoying the game at the time.

And, in considering my future from 1999 onwards, uppermost in my mind has been a strong desire to spend more time at home with my wife Judi and our two young sons, William and Jack.

This has been a tough decision, but clearly the right one in my view. I am entirely satisfied I have made the correct decision, and for the right reasons. At this stage, I would like to continue playing for New South Wales, but this will depend on what decisions I eventually make concerning my future business career.

I would be most grateful if you would please convey to your ACB colleagues and the Australian selectors, and the many other people involved in the custodianship of Australian cricket, my great appreciation for their support and encouragement over the years.

I would also like to take this opportunity to record the immense enjoyment I have had from the many enduring friendships I've struck playing the game of cricket, from my days as a youngster at Wagga through to the hallowed Test grounds of the world. I will now have more time to enjoy these friendships.

It has been a great honour to have been selected to play cricket for Australia, to have then been appointed the nation's 39th Test captain and to have been associated with performances on the field that have cemented Australia's position as the world's leading Test playing nation.

To my successor as Test captain and the players who are chosen for the coming West Indies tour, I wish them the same level of success and satisfaction. I will be with them in spirit all the way.

Yours sincerely

Mark Taylor