April 27, 2000

ECB Statement on match-fixing and betting allegations

ECB Statement

Mr Gerard Elias, QC, the Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board's Discipline Standing Committee today issued the following statement relating to allegations of betting and match-fixing.

"Having been given information by Mr Chris Lewis at a meeting on April 18th, 2000, following an article under his name in a Sunday newspaper, I have investigated the matter and met with police officers of New Scotland Yard. As a result, I conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever to justify the bringing of disciplinary charges in relation to betting and/or match fixing against any member of the England international squad, past or present.

All the information to which I have been privy is in the hands of the police and I understand that their investigation continues into wider aspects of allegations of match fixing, including the possible involvement of third parties who may have attempted to 'recruit' players or officials in England or elsewhere.

The Discipline Committee of the Board will remain vigilant to consider any evidence which may become available at any time in the future in relation to allegations of this nature, and the Board will continue to provide whatever assistance it can to the Police and the ICC in its efforts to root out any wrongdoer and eradicate the stain of corruption from the game of cricket."