January 28, 2000

The big matches really motivate me - RS Sodhi

The man of the finals today is a lad who will certainly go far. He has none of the airs that most modern cricketers are infamous for. He is a humble young man who plays his cricket hard. It is a rare thing for cricketers to dedicate performances to near and dear ones in this day and age. However, Reetinder Singh Sodhi in an exclusive conversation with CricInfo was at his frank and personal best.

Anand Vasu: First there was some tight bowling, then spectacular fielding and finally steady batting. Which of the three is your biggest strength?

RS Sodhi: I concentrate equally on all the three, batting, bowling and fielding. I try to give my best for the team in all the departments and that's what motivates me. I think, that's why I did well today.

AV: The Under-15 World Cup that you played some time back. You were the man of the match in the finals on that occasion as well. Would you rate yourself as a big match player?

RS: I think, the big matches really motivate me a lot. But also it is a coincidence that I was man of the match in both the finals. I would like to thank God Almighty. It was only because of God that I was able to do well here. And also I would like to thank my late uncle who is not here in this world with me today. I think he was really a great motivater for me. I hope that he is really happy in heaven watching my performance.

One was reminded of Navjot Sidhu, another Sardar, who dedicated his career effort to his father on the day he announced his retirement. As this young sardar begins his career, he shows remarkable humility. That will always hold him in good stead.