County news April 29, 2013

Kieswetter ruled out for six weeks

ESPNcricinfo staff

Craig Kieswetter has been ruled out for up to six weeks after suffering a broken thumb in Somerset's County Championship match against Warwickshire.

Kieswetter sustained the injury to his right thumb from the last ball before lunch on the final day, when he was stood up to Peter Trego, and after interval handed the wicketkeeping gloves to Jos Buttler for the remainder of the match.

Dave Nosworthy, Somerset's director of cricket said: "Obviously this is very disappointing for us at this stage of the campaign and it is also very disappointing for Craig.

"This was a freak accident and with him in such good form and in a good frame of mind with the bat and gloves, it has come at a bad time. However, he goes about things in a very professional way and with a good rehabilitation programme already planned we will have him back as soon as possible."

Somerset are fortunate to have another international wicketkeeper in Buttler ready as a straight replacement behind the stumps and he will be available until England's one-day series against New Zealand which precedes the Champions Trophy in June.

Buttler and Kieswetter were set for split duties in the early weeks of the season after Buttler's elevation to the England limited-overs role at the expense of his county team-mate. Now, Buttler will have an extended run with the gloves in order to work on his keeping ahead of England's next one-day series.

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  • John on April 30, 2013, 20:33 GMT

    @bennybow on (April 29, 2013, 23:43 GMT)I kind of like Bumble as a commentator and the way he goes off on non cricketing topics

    @Whatsgoinoffoutthere on (April 30, 2013, 9:50 GMT) SCC and Somerset fans , value Craig as a cricketer and if he is not happy with the situation then he could become unsettled and eventually want to leave - so as far as SCC and the fans are concerned Craig's ambitions/feelings do matter very much - even if they don't to England

    @DannyBurke on (April 30, 2013, 14:14 GMT) I'm guessing Craig averaged better in another position in the Eng batting line up then as he averages 30 for Eng acc to ESPNs stats guru. His SR is still better than any top 6 Eng batsman inc KP and Morgan.

  • Daniel on April 30, 2013, 14:14 GMT

    CK's form wasnt great before he was bumped down the order. He averages 29 when opening and 27 when 6th and scores at a slower SR. So to blame that is misleading.

    England do need to stay out how SCC run their club, but I understand their stance.

    The break up of how SCC are planning it is perfect. JB can get the experience and game time in OD while CK can focus on his batter and vice versa in the 4 day stuf.

    Its great for SCC, but I think the "next cab off the rank" for Test matches with the gloves will be Yorks JB. The future is bright, especially as Prior has a lot of life left in him!

  • Simon on April 30, 2013, 12:56 GMT

    Big blow to our batting that, we could really have done without losing Kies. The last day against Warks has been costly to us.

  • Samuel on April 30, 2013, 11:23 GMT

    @hhillbumper - take it you haven't seen much of him over the past 18 months or so. Had a hideous struggle with England in the limited overs formats, but his batting in the Championship has been excellent for the most part. Genuinely think he's now in England's thoughts as a replacement for Prior if he goes down injured (*crosses himself*) - a better keeper than Bairstow and a technically more proficient batsman, although not necessarily a better one. This injury's come at a bad time for him.

  • Ian on April 30, 2013, 9:50 GMT

    Having seen the few posts below, I reckon the split, with Kieswetter having the spot in the four day game and Buttler taking the gloves in limited overs matches provides adequate, relevant experience for the latter.

    However, I would add that feelings and ambitions don't come into it. Craig Kieswetter is a big boy and I have a feeling he might just cope. If he can't then that's his problem, but I reckon that he wouldn't be a professional cricketer if he couldn't. Anyway, the sooner Buttler gets adequate experience at keeping wicket the better, because he'll be off to keep wicket for the national squad and Kieswetter will get the gloves back full time to state the case for his comeback.

    Kieswetter could press the case for playing as a specialist batsman regardless of his credentials as a 'keeper: England's pedestrian top order scares the hell out of me.

  • Martin on April 30, 2013, 9:25 GMT

    Somerset are in the strange position of having a keeper in situ who is an ok keeper, but nothing special, and a keeper coming through who isn't as good yet but is potentially much better. Do they stick with the tried and trusted or develop the player who has much more natural talent? Anyway, for now ye Gods have spoken and the local boy will be taking over the gloves. Let's hope from here on that his talent continues to be nurtured and developed and he keeps the gloves even when the Kieswetter if fit again. Buttler is one special talent and Somerset would be mad to stymie it.

  • Benny on April 29, 2013, 23:43 GMT

    Do agree with JG2704. It's SCC's business only. Trouble is that SKY's pundits increasingly believe they have to fill every single minute of broadcasting time - most of which is talking to each other and not commentary at all. So we hear about 10% of what's happening out on the field, 75% of what they in their superior wisdom think ought to be happening (bowler's length/line is wrong, batsman should be playing forward/back/not at all, every fielder should be moved 3 inches finer/square etc) and the rest is about what they had to eat for lunch, what tie someone's wearing, who's your favourite pop group.

    No Commentary Button pleeeeeease

  • stuart on April 29, 2013, 20:18 GMT

    while I do not wish to see anyone injured maybe he needs to think about what he wants from his career.His batting seems to have gone backwards at the moment.

  • John on April 29, 2013, 19:31 GMT

    A thing which irked me is Sky kept going on about the WK issue with Somerset/England during the Warwicks game Not sure how ECB see things re who keeps wicket but to me SCC,CK and JB seem to have worked out a compromise whereby Craig continues to do the 4 day games and Jos does the shorter fmts. To me it is more important that Craig's ok with things.He's always had the gloves and has done a great job for the club and if his international form hadn't dipped (mostly after he was shunted down the order where he's always expected to fire quick runs after our accumulators had built a solid platform - albeit at a more casual pace) there would be no issue.Also I think Jos will stay at Somerset for his whole career a la Tres. But I feel Sky pundits are going on about Jos taking over the gloves in the 4 day game to an extent whereby

    A - They disrespect SCC (and their needs) as a club B - They disrespect the feelings/ambitions of Craig

    Best of luck Craig in your recovery

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