World T20 2016 March 20, 2016

BCB lodges appeal with ICC over Taskin ban


The BCB has made an appeal to the ICC to reconsider Taskin Ahmed's suspension from bowling in international cricket. The communication was made personally by the BCB president Nazmul Hassan, who said that he spoke to the ICC chairman Shashank Manohar and chief executive Dave Richardson.

While Hassan did not reveal what the BCB's main argument was, he said they were not convinced with the ICC's independent assessment report on Taskin's bowling action.

"We are not convinced about Taskin as of now. We don't have any reason to be satisfied with the report," he said. "And that's disappointing, so we have appealed to the ICC. We have a few grounds and we have said these things according to logic. Only the ICC can withdraw the ICC's decision, which is why I am talking to the ICC directly. It won't be right to disclose what we presented as our logic. I can tell you that we have done everything possible."

Hassan said the BCB was trying to circumvent the normal procedure of appealing in a bid to quickly overturn the decision made on Taskin. The ICC had said on Saturday that "not all of Taskin's deliveries were legal".

"The promptness with which we have taken the action is quite different to the way we responded to the others," Hassan said. "I read the [ICC's independent assessment] report today morning and instantly called the ICC CEO Dave Richardson and chairman Shashank Manohar, who said they will respond to us after talking to their legal team.

"We are trying to do something outside the normal procedure where the player requests a reassessment, which we feel is a complex process. I don't think we can do anything more that what we have done. I believe that the ICC will observe our points and give a logical reply."

Hassan also ruled out the possibility of taking the legal route against the ICC, which he feels will be too lengthy and would not give Bangladesh what they are looking for - a quick return for Taskin.

"If we take the legal way, then we can forget Taskin playing in the World T20. I don't think it will be solved any time in the future. It would be a lengthy procedure but as of now I am trying to avoid that way, and trying to see if something can be done immediately through a shortcut. It's very difficult, but I have not left hope as yet. I feel that there is a slight possibility for Taskin to join us as soon as possible.

"We have never heard or seen a decision getting immediately changed by the ICC but regarding Taskin even if that happens, I won't be amazed. I am hopeful."

Though the ICC has never lifted a suspension on a bowler at such a short notice, they did lift a ban on Shoaib Akhtar within 11 days in 2000. Akhtar was banned on December 30, 1999, but 10 days later, he played for Pakistan in an ODI against Australia in Brisbane, arriving a few hours after the match had started, having been in Perth when the ICC had taken the decision.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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  • Sathyen on March 23, 2016, 8:06 GMT

    Everyone is talking about why Taskin was asked to bowl nine bouncers in 3 min which doesn't ever happen in a match. The fact is people make mistakes only if there is pressure and in this instance its "Time". And, we have to see which of the 3 deliveries he bowled were illegal. If they were the last 3 deliveries then it becomes quite apparent that he bowls with slight kink that exceeds 15 degrees when fatigue sets in and the fact that he is under pressure to complete his quota within the stipulated time.

  • Rezaul on March 22, 2016, 18:58 GMT

    I saw 'Jose' was referring about the quotation. Look I had been a university professor since 2002. Does that give me any advantage providing or giving wrong explanation of a scenario which was handled very badly by ICC here according to the experts like Shoib Akhter, Wasim Akram, Chappel and so on. The young fast bowler is the victim here. He had to bowl 9 bouncers in 3 min which is no way a playing condition. And I believe the testing lab or officials associated with this process should be accountable for if there is anything being happened out of the rule book!

  • Vicky on March 22, 2016, 10:47 GMT

    No Mr. Mashrafe Mortaza the shocking part is, you being part of the team as a "bowler" but bowling only 1 over in a crucial match even when Saqlain Sajib was being taken apart and dint taken even 1 wicket during a crucial tie with Australia.

  • John on March 21, 2016, 17:52 GMT

    I am seeing so many comments with "conspiracy" theories. Why is it a conspiracy when it happens to your team and not when its others ?

  • mukesh on March 21, 2016, 15:51 GMT

    For naked eye Taskin's action looks good on TV. But umpires have every right to ask for review. I am of opinion that players be allowed to be tested much before world event. Teams have set plans for all players including front line bowlers. This has to go down as ICC handling these kind of issues in hard way. All these testing should not happen in middle of world event. Definitely hard done for Bangla fans and unfair on Bangla. All said and done Bangla management is the one to blame . They should not have asked ICC for a one off situation "We are trying to do something outside the normal procedure ". This gives rise to huge rife in already existing pathetic polarization of all decisions involving cricket.

  • kamal on March 21, 2016, 15:47 GMT

    I think it is unfair on Taskin atleast. Arafat Sunny's action looks a bit doubtful and by saying Taskin's decision surprised Bangladesh, they are sort of ok with Sunny's decision. I am with Bangladesh on this..from India.

  • Jim on March 21, 2016, 14:04 GMT

    @Jitendra. JoseP is right that bowlers can continue to play but be prohibited from bowling specific deliveries, if it is only the specific deliveries that are illegal. This has happened before with the doosra, for example. I suspect though that if Taskin had problems with only one delivery this would have been announced already.

  • Cricinfouser on March 21, 2016, 13:41 GMT

    Jose - good adv. You should write to the BCB suggesting this course of action and I am sure they will fall for it. As an aside, do you know that Wikipedia is generally not considered reliable as a primary source and that students quoting from Wikipedia are penalised?

  • Pratyush on March 21, 2016, 12:11 GMT

    Its hard on Bangladesh to lose their main bowler in the middle of the tournament. However, rules are very clear - he needs to get it tested again and get cleared to bowl. Another point is if only his bouncer is the problem then he could be instructed not to bowl it in matches. ICC should atleast try and decide based on the merits of the case.

  •   Ali Usman Beyg on March 21, 2016, 11:52 GMT

    I am from Pakistan really great fan of Taskin Ahmed. he is among best young fast bowlers of world. I dont feel any wrong in Taskin action, He has represented bangladesh in so many matches before, what wrong the young lade has done that his action suspected. Exculsion of both these bowlers really hurt bangladesh in world cup..

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