India v Australia, 3rd Test, Mohali, 5th day March 18, 2013

Battling Hughes unfairly undone

ESPNcricinfo presents the plays of the day from the final day in Mohali

Tough call of the day
Phillip Hughes has been crippled by self-doubt against spin so far on this tour but worked incredibly hard to overcome his problems during a fighting innings of 69. It was a shame that it had to end with a terrible umpiring decision but that's what happened when R Ashwin struck Hughes on the pad with a ball that was drifting on with the arm and would have sailed well down leg side. Perhaps Aleem Dar thought it had turned but that was clearly not the case and Hughes was denied the chance to turn a potentially career-saving innings into a century.

Tight call of the day
Three overs before Hughes was given out, Michael Clarke had also departed to a close call. Clarke was adjudged to have got a thin inside edge onto his pad and he was caught at short-leg, but before he stepped off the field of play the umpire Richard Kettleborough asked him to wait while the TV official checked on a possible no-ball. The replay was exceedingly tight and it could have been argued that Ravindra Jadeja had no part of his foot behind the line, but the umpire decided there was not enough certainty to call a no-ball and the legal delivery stood.

Catch of the day
There was certainly no doubt about another of Jadeja's wickets, a ripping return catch that got rid of Moises Henriques. The batsman drove the ball uppishly to the left of the bowler Jadeja, who dived and managed to get both hands to the ball, claiming his second wicket of the innings.

Inside edge of the day
In the first innings, Cheteshwar Pujara lost his wicket because the umpire failed to detect an inside edge onto his pad and he was given out lbw. But in the second innings his luck ran the other way. Xavier Doherty drifted a ball into his pads, Pujara tried to flick it to leg and an inside edge onto his pad lobbed up and was caught at first slip. But this time the umpire was unmoved, and Pujara was given a life.

Hat-trick ball of the day
Merv Hughes once famously took a Test hat-trick that was spread across three overs. At the WACA in 1988, Hughes got rid of Curtly Ambrose from the last ball of his 36th over and then removed Patrick Patterson with the first delivery of his 37th over, ending the innings. Hughes completed the hat-trick by dismissing Gordon Greenidge with his first ball of the second innings. His fellow Victorian Peter Siddle found himself in a similar position after having Ishant Sharma caught behind off the last ball of his 29th over and bowling Pragyan Ojha from the first ball of his 30th over, ending India's innings. But this time there was no hat-trick: Pujara safely defended Siddle's opening delivery in the second innings.

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  • kieran on March 19, 2013, 9:58 GMT

    I'm suprised people think Hughes was playing for his career. How ridiculous. Hughes is a brilliant talent and can slash fast bowling to all parts. Anyone with some degree of cricket knowledge knows that he looks like getting out every over, can't field and that he simply can't play spin (which makes the decision to bring him back for the SL series & leave him out of the SA series even more bizarre). Nobody expected Australia to win this series (2 series wins in about 40 years, especially with this poorly selected squad) or Hughes to do particularly well. His performance here will (rightly) have no bearing on his selection for series in England or Australia.

  • Dummy4 on March 19, 2013, 9:12 GMT

    AjaiT yours is a flawed argument that you can only correct 2 decisions using DRS if you use it correctly you can correct many decisions. The reason their is a restriction is because if there were more people would use it always just on an offchance they would be given not out/out. The benefit of DRS is that it reduces pressure on Umpires because if a player is given wrongly out by an umpire if he takes the review its usually corrected but if he doesnt take review or his team doesnt have a reviewits the players fault.

  • Samiuddin on March 19, 2013, 8:29 GMT

    @sachin_vvsfan - I only meant we Indians need not get carried away with these victories. What happened with England f ours was such a good team? Australia s in a re-building phase, thats it! The problem with India s we get carried away so soon, those days r not far when th title "Sir" to Ravi Jadeja vl no longer b sarcastic lol.. be real guys!

  • Doog on March 19, 2013, 7:40 GMT

    People need to stop blaming the umpiring in this match, it's such a poor losers thing to do. Bad calls were made against both sides and India still won. Fair play to India for producing the pitches they have - they were sometimes questionable but what do the aussies expect, a shoe shine on the way onto the field? Being a massive aussie fan, I was hoping big Starc (GO HOMEBUSH BOYS) could muster something like Day 5 of SL vs Aus in Tassy - now that was a match winning spell. It wasn't to be. Well done India, and well done Aus for the fight, now stop whining and bring it to the next match.

  • sri on March 19, 2013, 7:38 GMT

    LOL some one compares the umpiring errors with sydney.

    Clarke was given out by third umpire(the line belongs to umpire and He was caught it was not an inside edge lbw)

    Cowan's dismissal is very similar to Vijay's . Haddin had a lucky escape (and no mention of it). Pujara got one in his favour in second innings but it didn't have any impact(added 18 runs). Hughes was a blunder and was denied a chance to score 100 (when he was given out on 69) @sami2010 have you even seen the match. Don't just comment by looking at others comments. We deserve this victory and had it not been for the rain this should have been a comfortable victory.And please don't mention those 4 wickets in second innings. If you haven't watched the batsman took their chances in the chase. And we all know the shortcomings of our players in foreign conditions. No body is chest thumping here. But fans often wont give credit to india when it is due.

  • Dummy4 on March 19, 2013, 7:32 GMT

    @Nampally You never know what might have happened. Even if India won with two and a half overs, they did win. It was not as if Starc and Siddle bowled a bunch of freebies as soon as Sachin got out. Even if Hughes had played for 5 more overs, (and India had 5 less overs to play), they would most likely still have won. Dhoni and Sachin may have started taking risks earlier and neither of them would have been bogged down much, so either way India would have won.

  • Samiuddin on March 19, 2013, 6:54 GMT

    and you have to give it to Australia for putting in such a fabulous fight! India would have raised their hands if they were in Australia's situation. Australian's are fighters, never give up so easily. If u want to win against them, u got to earn it! The fair outcome was a draw, sad they had to lose coz of bad umpiring decisions..

  • Samiuddin on March 19, 2013, 6:22 GMT

    @Saseendran Thadathil - What would have been the case if Shikhar Dhawan wouldn't have hit 187 with a stike rate of 107? What would have been the case if Phil Hughes wasn't out for a terrible umpirirng decision? And do you know what kind of pitches Pakistan is playing on? and against what kind of attack? Wait until India tours South Africa, you will find answers to these questions yourselves...

  • Dummy4 on March 19, 2013, 6:18 GMT

    These howlers could have been avoided, if India opt for DRS. I guess thats going to happen only when few in the current set up retire / get out of office. Similar thing happened with Pujara when he was adjudged LBW even though the ball had taken the inside edge.

  • Dummy4 on March 19, 2013, 5:45 GMT

    whenever India win a test match people start talking it is because of flat track and spinning pitch. okay.regarding England series there are two factors one India did not bat good and secondly the difference was cook and Peterson. If Peterson did not make 180 what would have been their situation.So please don't underestimate our team saying this and that .every win is a win.Take the case of Pakistan one of the best bowling attack in the world and go 3-0 thrashing by SA .Nobody bothered about it .so please don't play politics when comes to sports. Dhoni had 2 to 3 seasons off from his illustrious career .so give him time brothers

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