India v New Zealand Women November 30, 2003

Indian team rubbishes allegations of poor umpiring

The Indian women's team has pooh-poohed suggestions that poor umpiring played a part in the drawn one-off Test against New Zealand at Vapi. A senior member of the Indian think-tank said: "There was one decision that went against them, but that means nothing. When they were bowling, they were appealing for everything. Even when there was no chance of a dismissal they would go up, especially their keeper."

There has been a suggestion that the New Zealand team were upset with the decision that went against Kate Pulford, their opening bat. In the second innings, a sharp delivery from Neetu David, the left-arm spinner, turned across the face of the bat as Pulford shaped to play. A loud shout for caught behind was upheld. Slow-motion replays showed that the ball may not have hit the bat - but anyone who saw the replay would have to admit that there was enough doubt for the decision to go either way.

"To complain about the standard of umpiring simply based on one dismissal is silly," said an official. "The New Zealand team appealed so much that the umpires got wise. Beyond a point, they were appealing for everything, and became frustrated that things were not going their way. That, more than anything, was the cause of complaints."

The slow, low-scoring Test ended in a draw. The teams now play a five-match one-day series, which starts in Mumbai on Thursday (Dec 4).