Board in conflict with ICC January 16, 2006

India to quit Champions Trophy

Cricinfo staff

The ongoing discussion over the future of the ICC Champions Trophy took another twist when the Indian board (BCCI) made it clear that it will not take part in the one scheduled for 2008.

Earlier in the month the BCCI made fairly clear signals that it did not support the ICC fund-raising concept which it believed reduced its own earning potential.

"We're not free in October in 2007, 2008 or 2009," BCCI vice-president Lalit Modi told reporters on Monday. "We have made our position clear to the ICC many times. If others want to play, they can, but why should we play in October?

"We've not signed any agreement to play in future editions and we've made our position very clear to the ICC many times."

The comments will be a major blow to the ICC as effectively without India, who are one of the major revenue drivers, the tournament is unlikely to go ahead.

This is the latest development in a clear strategy change by the Indian board seemingly putting it in direct conflict with the ICC. The BCCI has also questioned the ICC's Future Tours Programme and suggested that countries be allowed to arrange their own schedules.