IPL news May 28, 2012

Uncapped Indian players to be auctioned next IPL

ESPNcricinfo staff

India's domestic, uncapped cricketers will be part of an auction ahead of next year's IPL, the league's chairman Rajiv Shukla has said. Only those who had played for India in one format or the other were part of previous auctions among Indian players, but that rule, Shukla said, will be changed as a measure to prevent corruption in the game.

"It was the proposal of Shashank Manohar (former BCCI president) to auction all the domestic cricketers to avoid any form of corruption in the game," Shukla told Times of India. "All domestic players will be auctioned from the next edition." The auction purse for each franchise, Shukla added, will be raised accordingly though the details were still to be worked out.

In a recent sting operation by news channel India TV, at least three uncapped Indian cricketers were shown on camera, allegedly seeking more lucrative deals - including extra money that would have violated their IPL contracts - with other league franchises through an undercover reporter posing as a sports agent. Five players in all have been suspended by the BCCI pending investigations.

Uncapped Indian players are paid a maximum of Rs. 30 lakh (US$54,500 approx). In an interview with channel Headlines Today, when asked why uncapped players didn't feature in previous IPL auctions, Shukla said, "This was done to open up opportunities for little known domestic players as teams normally go for the known faces only."

With regards to the participation of Pakistan players in the next IPL, Shukla said, "We have not decided about Pakistan for IPL-6. The Governing Council of the IPL will take a call."