Indian Oil Cup July 29, 2005

Ganguly likely to join team on Monday

Cricinfo staff

Ganguly can pack those bats for Sri Lanka © Getty Images

Sourav Ganguly is likely to join the Indian team in Dambulla on August 1, according to Gautam Dasgupta, the BCCI joint secretary. With India playing Sri Lanka and West Indies over the weekend, and having another match slated for the venue, arrangements were being made to ensure that Ganguly reached Dambulla on Monday.

"We have to discuss the nitty-gritties about his travel plans before taking the final decision," said Dasgupta. "We are taking the necessary action." Ganguly is now eligible to play from India's third match in Sri Lanka after his six-match ban was reduced to four matches by Justice Albie Sachs, the ICC-appointed arbiter. Ganguly had already missed two matches earlier during the one-day series against Pakistan in April.

India commence their engagements in the tri-series against Sri Lanka on July 30, before playing West Indies the next day. Both the matches would be played in Dambulla, also the venue for India's next game against Sri Lanka on August 3 when Ganguly becomes available. India then move over to Colombo, where they take on West Indies in their concluding group fixture on August 7. The final is slated for August 9.

Asked for his reaction on behalf of the board on the reduction of the ban, Dasgupta said, ''It is not a question of being happy or unhappy. What is important is that Ganguly will be able to play more matches in the tournament''.

On whether the board was satisfied with the decision, Dasgupta replied, ''I think we have to abide by this ruling''.