New body for a new era January 22, 2006

KCA officially replaced by Cricket Kenya

Cricinfo staff

Kenya officially formed a new cricket body - Cricket Kenya - on Sunday, following the decision to dissolve the Kenya Cricket Association (KCA) in December. The old KCA was dogged by financial trouble and allegations of mismanagement, and when the regime of Sharad Ghai was ousted in May, Samir Inamdar, the new chairman, inherited debts of more than $500,000 with no assets.

"The former KCA council has approved Cricket Kenya as the sole body to manage, run and administer the game of cricket in Kenya," said Inamdar after the meeting in Mombasa. "It was a unanimous decision taken by all the four provinces.

"For us to restore the lost glory of cricket in the country, my new office decided to change the name and start afresh," he continued. "Cricket Kenya has started afresh and we are not ready to think of the past and forward and improve the standards of the sport. The time of politics in cricket is gone and we are out for serious business of improving standards of cricket in the country."

Cricket Kenya was first launched a year ago by Ochilo Ayacko, the sports minister, in a bid to oust the Ghai-run regime but it was unable to replace the KCA.

The news comes three days before Ghai goes on trial on charges of stealing $3.3 million from the KCA. The case starts on Wednesday.