Kenyan Cricket Association to be dissolved December 21, 2005

A new start with Cricket Kenya

Cricinfo staff

The Kenyan Cricket Association will be dissolved next month and replaced with a new body, Cricket Kenya. Cricket Kenya was the vehicle established by the government in January when it finally took on the Sharad Ghai-led KCA head-to-head.

Although Ghai was ousted - and is awaiting trial accused of stealing $3.3 million from the KCA - the new chairman, Samir Inamdar, has been battling with crippling debts he inherited. Ghai left no assets to speak of and liabilities of more than US$500,000.

Inamdar said that dissolving the KCA was the only option left to the board and it had government approval. "There's no way we can operate and cheat the public that we are going to pay the amount," he admitted. "We don't want to mislead people. We have consulted with the ICC and the government on the matter and they have no problem with Cricket Kenya succeeding the KCA."

The move will also help attract sponsors to the game. So poor was the reputation of old KCA that no businesses wanted to be associated with it. A change of name to go with the new regime should make that problem easier for Inamdar to overcome.