Indian Premier League 2010 April 7, 2010

Kolkata braced for upcoming knock-out phase

Our match against Delhi Daredevils becomes even more crucial in the context of the tournament. We have to win it to stay afloat

Our game against Kings XI Punjab proves that in this format there can be no favourites - it's just about that particular day and those few hours. Punjab had nothing at stake but the loss has really hurt us as a unit. None of us expected to lose the match after putting 200 on the board. Sunday's result has taken away our breathing space and from now on it will be like a knock-out phase for us.

Our bowlers have so far been our strength. In fact, we were working hard to click as a batting unit while the bowlers were working in tandem, restricting opponents around the 170-run mark. Everybody is bound to have a bad day and that's exactly what happened with our bowling unit against Punjab. Only Shane Bond stood out to some extent; everyone else struggled to find rhythm.

Mahela Jayawardene's innings was one of its kind. Whatever he hit, stayed hit. In fact Mahela's effort eclipsed Chris Gayle's explosion with the bat earlier in the match. There has been much talk about the West Indian captain not living up to expectations but I could sense that a big one was just round the corner for him. We had a good start to our innings and in the middle phase Gayle shot up the scoring-rate to a certain level. Even then, one thought, we perhaps missed out on a few more runs at the end. We have dropped crucial catches in this tournament, those that could have shaped a few results for us in a different manner. The missed chance off Mahela did turn out to be the turning point of the match.

Our match against Delhi Daredevils becomes even more crucial in the context of the tournament. We have to win it to stay afloat. This is that phase of the tournament where there will be a few more unexpected results, before a clear picture emerges about the semifinals.

We can take heart from the fact that we came out victorious the last time we played Delhi at Eden Gardens. They were a strong unit then as well but our steely resolve did get us to our desired goal. This time, too, we need to be fearless and, for this last phase of the tournament, the entire unit should stand up to give it one big go. We have not been very consistent in this tournament. Of the five losses in the nine matches the one against Punjab hurt us the most, because we believed we had the game under control after piling up those runs. We have to get over it and I am confident with the team we have we can still pull it off.

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Sourav Ganguly led India in 49 Tests between 2000 and 2005, winning 21

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  • Swapnoneel on April 13, 2010, 23:36 GMT

    sachin and kallis go on to score big most of the times after having a strike rate of ~100 for the first 20 or 30 balls. In contrast, ganguly gets out after scoring 30 odd off 30 and says I've played well. thats the truth. he should let his bat do the talking instead. i dont see sachin or kallis writing columns in cricinfo blowing their own trumpets!

  • Rydham on April 12, 2010, 10:25 GMT

    @passionate_cricket_follower : Sorry mate your are wrong here ... !! Sachin and Kallis are doing the same thing for the first 40 odd balls. You can check the stats of both these openers when they faced first 40 odd balls. And that is why they are not a real t20 cricketers ... !! bitter but a truth. Ganguly is also in the same league but you should see that RB and MI has got better quality players but in KKR the existance of Ishant Sharma, Agarkar and Pujara spoils the environment. How many times Ishant Sharma and Agarkar alone defeated KKR ?

    KKR has their own internal enemies rather than outsiders ... Ganguly is not a magician. He is playing really well in this IPL and played good in 2008 season, too. What the hell he do when he do not get support form other team mates ?

  • Swapnoneel on April 10, 2010, 16:03 GMT

    @ ash4chilled: look at today's scores and compare and contrast him with Gayle. He made 33 off 32, while Gayle made 34 off 15! In T20, there's nothing like "holding one end". You need to have a strike rate of >=150. If you get out after having a strike rate of 100 odd, you aren't good enough. That's what Ganguly has been doing in most of the matches. And that's the reason I feel he shouldn't be in the side if KKR has to win the cup.

  • ashu on April 10, 2010, 1:28 GMT

    Mr. passionate_cricket_follower, wat do you have to say now after watching the match between KKR and DD. Dada is Growing younger isnt it ??? I aggree tht his strike rate is not much. Two days ago i had seen Kallis's runrate for just 6 or 7 points higher thn Dada and Kallis is the leading Scorer in the Tournamant with Dada not so far from him. Also he brings consistency after opening the wicket and creates platform for the middle order to push the runrate up. Good Luck KKR for match Against RCB !

  • Swapnoneel on April 9, 2010, 13:23 GMT

    @ wisecracker, coolduderahul: being from Bengal, i'm also a fan of S C Ganguly. But reality is reality. He is not good enough to play now and would lose more matches for KKR than win. That is actually happening. Please check IPL 08, 09 and the current one. See how many matches did KKR lose for his sloppy batting and abysmal fielding. If a player gets 10 chances, he's bound to win 1. In the last decade (2001 to 2008), his test average dropped from 50 odd to 40 odd. His first 6 hundreds in tests took him 23 tests and his next 2 took him 37! I have statistics with me friends. He never looked the same player as he did in 2000.

  • Saumyajit on April 8, 2010, 13:39 GMT

    Passionate cricket follower - Why dada. Given your level of nous I would prefer you to become a commentator. I mean, you are a seer.

  • Partha on April 8, 2010, 2:54 GMT

    i don't wanna to listen nothing. DADA is the best... because he is the player who come back strongly.. also best player if the IPL.

  • Bharat on April 7, 2010, 20:55 GMT

    This my friends is a "TACTICAL WARFARE".

  • rohan on April 7, 2010, 17:41 GMT

    great perfomance today from you dada, this is the sourav ganguly whom we are so proud of, the man who always leads from the front, i retract my earlier critical comments sir!!!

  • Rahul on April 7, 2010, 17:30 GMT

    I have always been a huge fan of dada and I support him at this time also. he is the leading run scorer from his side in this tournament sofar and is also among the top 5 scorers at this moment. People here follow what someone writes or speaks and it becomes the general statement. @passionate cricket follower - dada in good touch/form for only 1 year in his career..!!!have you gone nuts???? he had made one of the greatest comebacks in the history of cricket after being shown the door..he is one of the best opening batsman in ODI history (his tally of runs and hundreds still place him among the top 5 batsmen of all times).. speaking of this format, go and visit the link in cricinfo showing the highest individual scores in the previous formats (2008 & 2009), dada is there 2-3 times among the non existent indians. he has single handedly won matches for KKR previously and in this edition also, he has started to the hit ball well..

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