March 20, 2016

'I'm the best dancer in the side'

Who's got the moves? DJ Bravo, that's who

The Bravo regimen: no booze, no sledging, lots of partying © Getty/ICC

How do you deal with your fear of flying? Surely, your team-mates are ribbing you about it?
No, it's not like that. I am not very scared like, "Oh, I don't want to fly. Shall I stay home today?" It's just that because I fly so often, and because when I look at world news, I see, at some point of time, a plane could go down here or there. Most times you are always on a plane so it will cross your mind, but I am not really scared of flying like "I never want to fly."

Who scares you the most in your team?
No one scares me. It's the other way around. I scare everyone (grins).

What is the best sledge you have dished out?
I don't sledge. It's not part of my game. It's not something I encourage, it's not something I like doing or will ever do. Funny enough, I never sledge anyone on the field, unless I play against someone like [Kieron] Pollard or [Darren] Sammy. If it is one of my team-mates, we have a banter but against international players I don't ever cross that line.

Not even a witty wisecrack in response?
No. Never.

Is there something that you have done on the cricket field you absolutely want to forget?
I think every time I play a cricket game, I enjoy it, whether I lose or win. Maybe if I bowl a last over in a particular game and I lose, then I definitely think about it, feel bad about it. But nothing really I feel embarrassed about and can't lift my head.

Does music help you get better at your day job of playing cricket?
Music is something I enjoy, it's part of our life as Caribbean people and coming from Trinidad & Tobago, soca music is a big part of our culture. All of us, the West Indian guys, are big into music. It doesn't help my cricket but it gives me something different to focus on at times when I have players like Samuel Badree [who is walking in the background] and those guys, I don't know, who are no fun (grins).

Is there a better singer in the team than DJ Bravo?
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Andre Russell is a better singer than DJ Bravo, Sulieman Benn is a better singer than DJ Bravo. DJ Bravo doesn't sing, DJ Bravo is an entertainer.

The singers can go on stage and sing their hearts out, and people could just be like: "Okay, he is a good singer." The entertainer go on stage, try to sing, entertain, and people are saying: "Oh my, wow. That was a performance."

Can anyone dance better than DJ Bravo, though?
I don't think that, though. I am the best in that. Chris [Gayle]? No. Sammy? No. Russell? No.

What was your craziest party ever?
I enjoy nightlife, I enjoy the partying. It's part of life. I don't do crazy stuff. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke. So I just enjoy clean fun. Clean enjoyment.

Are you a flirt?
I love flirting. I enjoy flirting. Women are beautiful. There are many lovely women around.

What does the word love mean to you?
Love is a powerful word. Love and respect go hand in hand. Respect people. Love definitely is a big part. I love my family and my two beautiful kids.

Tell us about your latest single.
My latest single is "Champion". I encourage all my fans and everyone to go and see the video. It is another song where I express my feelings and I encourage everyone to be champions in their own right.

Are we going to hear a lot of it during the World T20?
Once I get a lot of wickets you will see the dance, definitely. I don't know if the song is going to be playing, but I know for sure you will see the dance.

Arun Venugopal is a correspondent at ESPNcricinfo. @scarletrun