West Indies in New Zealand 2013-14 December 28, 2013

Holder predicts strong WI bowling show

Renaldo Matadeen

Jason Holder, the West Indies fast bowler, believes his new-ball partnership with Ravi Rampaul can pose a threat to New Zealand's batting line-up ahead of the second ODI in Napier on Sunday.

Holder and Rampaul had opened the bowling in the first ODI in Auckland, which West Indies won by two wickets, and their impressive early charge reduced New Zealand to 15 for 3 in eight overs. The pair finished with two wickets apiece and conceded only around three runs an over in the innings, and Holder said he wanted to extend that form into the second match.

"Winning the opening ODI was a good start. We're right where we want to be and we're looking to carry that momentum through," he said. "The spirits are lifted and the mood has changed. We're more positive. I enjoyed bowling with Ravi as we both know how crucial those early overs are.

"Just like the Auckland pitch in the first ODI, I'm eager to make full use of the pitch (in Napier). Ravi got two early in the last game and it was my job to keep it tight. I came back for my second spell and got a couple wickets so I'm enjoying the dynamic between Ravi and myself. The Christmas bonding as a team has us all in the right frame of mind and we're looking to keep going."

Holder suggested that the track at Napier was flatter compared to the Auckland pitch, and the size of the ground would also be a challenge : "I'll have to adjust here. I can see that and I'll be factoring in that this is a smaller ground. I'll have to utilise the conditions wisely."

On his first tour to New Zealand, Holder is keen to use the series to cement his place in the ODI side as West Indies look to build squad for the 2015 World Cup. Holder was also keen for the exposure in this series given his ambitions of playing Tests as an allrounder, rather than only a bowler.

"Test cricket is a big ambition and hopefully I'll be selected for it soon. Exposure here is a good test right now and I'm improving game by game," Holder said. "I'm an allrounder so I want to make my way up the order and spend more time at the crease and batting in the middle. I want to be more consistent and help win some games."

Holder brushed off the banter with the New Zealand batsmen as friendly and said he wanted to focus on building his speed and using more swing variations to extend his form. Holder credited former West Indies fast bowler Curtly Ambrose for shaping his career.

"Some of the legends I want to be like are Courtney Walsh and Curtly Ambrose, but I also learnt a lot from watching Andrew Flintoff in the 2005 Ashes - one of the best ever," Holder said. "Ambrose was a disciplinarian and he got me to be as precise as I am by stressing on the finer things. Ambrose taught me a lot in my tenure at Combined Colleges and Campuses back in Barbados and I think with more matches under my belt, starting in New Zealand, I'll be able to develop better."

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  • George on December 30, 2013, 19:39 GMT

    I like young Holder very much. He is a promising Test bowler but needs to add another 3 or 4 yards of pace to be more penetrative, especially with the older ball. Also, I believe if he doesn't let his front (left) leg collapse too early at the point of delivery he would be much faster than he is now. He also needs to use his height more by delivering the ball at a higher point. I really like his chances of becoming a very good Test all rounder.

  • charlie on December 30, 2013, 4:04 GMT

    Why is everybody talking so much after so little success ? Youngster please don't follow your blabbermouth captain on this one , just let your action speak for itself by concentrating on your game .

  • juslyn on December 30, 2013, 1:14 GMT

    here we go again one good bowling performance an he is already talking do it for the next 3 games an maybe u can say something holder

  • Roy on December 29, 2013, 0:27 GMT

    Holder is the next hope for WI, he should be push down the order in the batting? WI have a very good ODL team when all there players is healthy!!! I see them going all the way, just need good ????

  • Dummy4 on December 29, 2013, 0:03 GMT

    Always liked my fellow countryman Holder as a cricketer. He will go far in the game barring the capricious nature of the selectors and/or debilitating injury. Holder will do well for several reasons: positive attitude, good skills training at UWI, talent and the like. Reminds me a lot of his Bajan compatriot, Kraigg Brathwaite in terms of temperament. Once he continues to work hard at ironing out the kinks of his game, as I stated previously, he will be successful.

    Leave Gibson alone. Cease blaming him for the players' poor performances on the field. After all, he can't play on the field. He's only able to play with the hand the selectors dealt him. As they say here, "it is what it is."

    I doubt whether my piece will be published as I'm convinced there's somebody at Cricinfo who doesn't care for my style and/or the content of same. But I never use foul language or denigrate anyone

  • Prashan on December 28, 2013, 16:01 GMT

    He looks like being the next Joel Garner just by his looks. His average too is promising for a start. He can be a useful lower order batsman too. Wonder why he is not chosen to play tests? Making use of this type of bowler is paramount for Windies if they are to be a good test team. Bowling attack of Windies will have something threatening but it is their batting which has often let them down making the opposition bat with least pressure as bowlers have nothing to defend. If WI batting clicked, they will easily be on top.

  • Dummy4 on December 28, 2013, 11:29 GMT

    Great prospect here was superb at the U17 and 19 levels for the W.I. , more exposure needed . A test bowler maybe a much better choice than Best or Gabriel at the moment . Gabriel has some fundamental seam problems he needs to work on . Best gives 120% all the time in effort and heart sometimes though some thought needs to be put into it . I thinks he still falls short in this area. Cummings and Johnson need also to get some exposure

  • o on December 28, 2013, 10:55 GMT

    @Mekkayel No comments on Otis but good coaches don't have to have been good players and good players don't always make good coaches in fact most top coaches around the world were mediocre players. I agree Holder has a great batting technique probably the best in the side he has great potential all-round for all forms of the game. Pollard has said he wants to play Test cricket, his batting is a long way off from being good enough so he should probably try and play some County cricket first if he's serious .

  • Josiah on December 28, 2013, 6:03 GMT

    Now tell me, doesn't Curtly Ambrose seem a more credible coach than Ottis Gibson?- After all, Ambrose is a legend in Test Cricket while Gibson has 2 test matches under his belt. Also note that Holder the no.8 batsman and aspiring allrounder has a better batting technique than Johnson Charles' slogging. ( their identical 1st class averages proves this) Good to see that Holder actually thirsts to play test cricket- unlike Pollard, Samuels and Chris Gayle especially. He has the ability to be another legend

  • Android on December 28, 2013, 5:55 GMT

    What Sammy does v can not predict having him in team as 3rd bowler is waste but his batting sometimes give hands to wi it is difficult what Sammy does in the team

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